Lawn Treatments Experts in Ballwin MO Warn You about 3 Yard Care Mistakes

We know you love to go out outside in the summer and indulge in some yard maintenance and gardening activities. After all, this is why you have a house with a lawn and a landscape. However, are you aware you could make some unwilling mistakes that could ruin your turf in the long run? Today, our lawn treatments experts in Ballwin MO are here to warn you about such errors and teach you how to avoid them!

1. Use of Store-Bought Chemicals

While you wait for the next applications for fertilization and weed control from your local lawn treatments experts in Ballwin MO, you might notice some brown patches of lawn or some weeds showing up their ugly heads. If you feel like applying fertilizers or herbicides to correct the situation, stop. Chemicals can burn your grasses and damage your soil’s composition, so you should wait for the professional applications. Nevertheless, here are some things you should do in case you want to tend to your yard without damaging your lawn:

  • Nourish your yard and grasses with compost if you’re going to boost their looks and health;
  • Leave the grass clippings behind after you mow to add extra nutrients and water to your lawn;
  • Use moist mulch for flowerbeds and trees to keep them fresh, nourished, and safe against weeds or pests.

Before you apply anything on your lawn in the summer months, discuss matters with your local lawn service company in Ballwin, MO. They will advise you on the correct course of action.

2. You Engage in Intense Lawn Care Activities

As we said on a previous occasion, keeping your lawn care and landscaping activities to a minimum during the summer is for the best. Adding new plants may disturb dormant weed seeds, while overwatering and underwatering could also lead to disruptions when it comes to your soil’s pH and chemical composition. Moreover, the more foot traffic you add to your lawn, the riskier it is for the grasses to wither and the roots of suffering.

3. You Don’t Follow Lawn Cleanups Proper Procedures

No matter you mow your lawn or throw a party in the yard, always pick up materials, gardening tools, furniture, kiddie pools, equipment, toys, etc. from your lawn. The more massive objects sit there for more extended periods, the higher the chances are to damage the turf and soil.

Don’t feel shy in calling our lawn treatments experts in Ballwin MO to help you with lawn fertilization and weed control during the summer!