Let Summer Weeds Sleep: Lawn Care St. Peters MO Experts Share Their Tips

Summer comes with tremendous benefits and joys for any homeowner who keeps a lawn and landscape in top shape. However, one of the most critical issues during the warm season is the weed problem. Hot weather weed seeds can lie dormant in the soil, waiting for you to help them germinate. Even if your lawn care experts in St. Peters MO and their lawn treatments colleagues implemented the best fertilization, weed control, and lawn maintenance programs, some summer weeds are stubborn enough to germinate against all the odds. So, here are some tips and advice you can follow to keep them far away from your lawn and landscape!

Keep Your Lawn Activities to a Minimum

We understand that one of the joys of owning a lush lawn and landscape is working to improve their looks and health. Getting busy in the garden, pruning shrubs, cutting flowers, refreshing the soil, aerate the lawn, dig holes for new plants, and more are all fulfilling activities. However, they are also risky activities, as they can encourage dormant weed seeds to germinate.

The next time you plan to take your gardening tools, hose, and lawn care equipment outside, discuss matters with your local lawn care specialists in St. Peters, MO. They can help you aerate the soil, overseed, improve your flowerbeds, and even add new elements to your yard without encouraging weeds to grow.

Refrain from Adopting New Weeds

Of course, nobody plans to bring new weed strains on their lawn and gardens, but it happens more often than you know. The primary method through which weed seeds spread around is bird carrying. Besides birds, insects, wildlife, and pets can carry weed seeds from one place to another on your property. However, you can also bring home some new weeds by adding potted plants to your flowerbeds. If a potted plant stood for a long time in a nursery, it is more likely to host weed seeds. If you insert the plant with its soil in your yard, you also plant new weed seeds that will enjoy your watering, aeration, and fertilization activities and germinate in a couple of weeks.

Final Thoughts

Ask your local lawn care experts in St. Peters, MO, about summer activities and reputable greenhouses where you can buy potted plants for your landscape enhancements. Moreover, if you do plant new flowers, make sure you also add a layer of mulch. Usually, hard mulches protect plants from weeds, acting as natural barriers.