Fungal Diseases’ Management: Lawn Treatments Pros in Manchester MO Share Some Tips

When spring comes, we all want to enjoy our lush and gorgeous yards and gardens. But before we sit back and relax, we need to inspect our lawns and landscapes for fungal diseases. Our lawn treatments experts in Manchester, MO, are here today to tell you what to do in such a case.

Identify the disease you are dealing with

Fungal infections spread quickly and leave unsightly signs on your lawn. If you see brown patches, you may have to deal with a fungal disease. Other signs include yellow spots on grass blades, root rot, or chunks of turf peeling off from the ground. In case you see such symptoms, call your local lawn treatment company in Manchester, MO, to evaluate the situation and make a plan.

Treat the lawn accordingly

What you should know is that there are a handful of factors contributing to the development and spreading of fungal diseases. The weather, snow mold, lack of fertilizers or the excess thereof, or excess humidity can all foster fungal infections.

You should know that some grasses are more vulnerable to fungi than others are. While it is impressive to host an exotic lawn, St. Augustine, Zoysia, or Bermuda varieties are sensitive to fungi. For this reason, one of the treatments may be the reseeding of your lawn.

Your local lawn treatments experts in Manchester MO will most likely apply nitrogen fertilizers to balance the chemistry of the soil. While nitrogen does solve the fungal problem, its excessive use can disrupt the ecosystem. For this reason, you should avoid the application of synthetic treatments on your own. Moreover, our lawn treatments technicians can apply an organic slow-release fertilizer to boost the health of your lawn.

Before you jump at the opportunity to apply fungicides, discuss matters with your local lawn treatment experts in Manchester, MO. Such substances can interfere severely with the health of your soil, turf, and plants.

Take adjacent measures

Most experts say that fungal diseases go away on their own if you engage in proper lawn care. Here are some recommendations from our experts in lawn treatments in Manchester, MO:

  • Lawn dethatching;
  • Soil core aeration and reseeding;
  • Proper mowing – raise the lawnmower’s blades;
  • Professional landscape irrigation;
  • Frequent lawn fertilization and tailored interventions;
  • Avoid spreading the fungi spores on your soles, with the wheelbarrow or the lawnmower.

In case you notice fungal diseases’ symptoms on your property, call your local specialists in lawn treatments in Manchester, MO, and let them help you all year long.