Landscaping in Manchester MO during Mid-Spring Months: Advice from Our Experts

Grasses, plants, and ornamentals are going to grow and require our full attention in mid-spring. From mowing to complete landscaping revamping and redesign, you will have plenty on your plate. For this reason, our landscaping experts in Manchester MO are here to give you some idea on how to deal with lawn care and landscaping during this period.

1. Stay Informed

If you have scheduled activities these months, check with your local landscaping service provider in Manchester, MO, to get a better understanding of what you can expect during this time. The weather can be misleading. It is always better to have your local landscaping experts in Manchester, MO, come by and offer a full evaluation of your softscapes and hardscapes.

2. Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance in Manchester, MO

As we said, mid-spring is a busy time, as your lawn and landscape seem to burst with life all of a sudden. However, before you start any activity, have your landscaping experts in Manchester, MO, engage in a thorough evaluation of the property. Here are some activities they can implement for you!

  • Rake the outdoor space, evaluate the soil, and recommend dethatching, soil aeration for drainage and better growth, and lawn bare spot treatment;
  • Lawn mowing may be necessary under certain circumstances; your landscape service provider in Manchester, MO will inform you on the best practices for lawn mowing during this time of year;
  • Your landscaping experts will inspect your trees, shrubs, hedges, and especially the valuable ornamentals on your property; if they require professional intervention, they will implement the proper procedures to ensure the health and thriving of all these elements;
  • Mid-spring is also the best time for the inspection of your irrigation installations and lighting systems and making sure they work correctly;
  • Crabgrass and other weeds may begin showing their ugly heads and try a take-over; for this reason, it is best to discuss such matters with your local landscaping experts in Manchester, MO. A proper fertilization plan is mandatory to preserve the health of your landscape for the summer months to come.

You can plan and even implement small landscaping projects together with the family: start a vegetable garden, build the dog a new house, and install some playground elements for the kids. Discuss this with our landscape designers and technicians. They will help you achieve your projects with no stress! Don’t forget to ask for a free estimate as well! Our landscape specialists in Manchester, MO, will be there for you every step of the way!