Mandatory Fall Activities to Perform this Year: Lawn Care Ballwin MO Experts’ Advice

After a long, hot summer, all homeowners want to take a welcomed break from all the lawn care and landscaping activities they have performed. But, as most seasoned gardeners know, fall is a rather busy season, and you have a lot to do still. Many lawn care and landscaping experts agree that these colder months are not a reason for you to stop caring for your property. On the contrary, you should continue some activities and introduce a few ones to ensure your lawn’s health, strength, and beauty next spring. So let’s see what our lawn care Ballwin MO experts have to say today about mandatory fall maintenance activities to prepare your property for next spring!

  1. Keep the ground clean. Make sure you rake the fallen leaves and do not let them suffocate the grasses. A wet cover of leaves blocks the sunlight, water, fertilizers, and warmth that your turf needs to develop strong roots and resilience to weeds, diseases, and cold. In Ballwin, MO, our lawn care experts recommend you to rake or blow the leaves even when the trees are bare.
  2. Mow the lawn. Many people consider lawn mowing unnecessary when fall comes, but our lawn service Ballwin MO providers beg to differ. Keep the property at an ideal height of up to 3 inches. Do not mow the lawn too short, but do not allow the grasses to grow too tall either.
  3. Water the lawn. It would be great if we could put away the hose and winterize the sprinklers in the fall, but your property still needs plenty of water. According to our experts in lawn service in Ballwin, MO, you should give your yard at least one inch of water every week.
  4. Aerate and overseed. These two mandatory fall preparation activities ensure a healthy, dense, and thriving lawn next year. Ask your local lawn care experts in Ballwin, MO, to help you with these tasks this season.
  5. Apply fertilizers. You may think you applied enough fertilization and weed control, but a slow-release organic fertilizer will help your grasses fight weeds and stay safe against diseases and the cold.

How Do You Get the Best Fall Lawn Care Service in Ballwin, MO?

If you want to benefit from outstanding lawn care services in Ballwin, MO, all you have to do is ask our lawn care experts for a free estimate. They will assess the situation and implement a thorough fall care program!