Lawn Care St Charles MO Specialists Answer Your Questions about Tree Injections

You probably heard about tree injections many times before and, most likely, many of you have already injected the trees in fall. Nevertheless, beginner homeowners may not know a couple of things about this tree protection procedure. Moreover, some information might be confusing and contradictory for the unseasoned ones. For this reason, our experts in lawn care in St Charles, MO, are here today to discuss some things about tree injections to clarify the situation and give you a better idea of how things work.

Are Tree Injections Useful in the Cold Season?

You probably know that plenty of pests and diseases can affect your trees in winter with severe consequences upon their health and structural integrity. If you have to remove insects’ larvae, you can use several pesticides that our professionals in landscaping in St Charles, MO, can inject directly into your tree’s system. This procedure also fends off other lurking pests that might attack your trees in their most vulnerable times.

The best time to inject your trees is in the fall. However, in certain circumstances, our lawn care company in St Charles, MO, can perform such treatments in winter. You should consider such injections if your tree needs fertilization to boost its health and strength through the winter and spring. Such intervention requires precise timing, precision, and tailored blends of chemicals, so it is better to have certified lawn care experts in St Charles, MO.

What Are the Benefits of Tree Injections?

Besides safeguarding your trees from pests and providing your trees with customized concentrations of nutrients, tree injections come with other benefits as well:

  • Protection against diseases related to leaf diseases; the sooner you prevent and treat leaf diseases, the better your trees and landscape will fare;
  • Disease control when it comes to spreading fungi or tree-specific diseases;
  • Tree deflowering, targeting trees that come with nuisance flowers and seeds.

Despite common myths, tree injections are less damaging for the tree than they seem. In St Charles, MO, your local lawn care company admits that professionals drill small holes at the trees’ base to insert the syringe containing the proper chemicals. The spot could entertain different diseases, but as long as you have professionals performing the task, everything will be fine.

Are All Tree Injections the Same?

No. You have specific injections for tree varieties/species, types of problems, tree needs, etc. For this reason, you should always ask our experts in lawn care in St Charles, MO, to offer you their support when it comes to this lawn maintenance task.