How to Tackle Overwinter Pests: Lawn Care Pros in Chesterfield MO Share Their Tips

You might consider you do not need pro lawn care in Chesterfield MO during winter. While you may be right, it doesn’t mean that pests do not engage in suspicious activity on your property. Most of them hide well to wake up in spring and wreak havoc on your lawn. Today, our specialists in lawn maintenance in Chesterfield MO are here to talk to you about tackling such problems.

1. Spider Mites May Feed on Your Grasses, Shrubs, and Trees

Some spider mites feed on broad leaves and conifers, while others thrive on turf. There are plenty of spider mites varieties out there and they can damage your vegetation as well.

If the temperatures do not go below the freezing point, spider mites colonies can spread on your property.

Our lawn care experts in Chesterfield MO recommend you look for signs of a spider mites infestation (small dotted holes in leaves or grass blades) and talk to them about next spring’s intervention.

2. Chinch Bugs Are All Over the Place

Not all pests enter your home during the winter, although chinch bugs will try to infiltrate your basement. Some of the most destructive pests on lawns, chinch bugs can overwinter at the basis of the trees and grasses.

If you have thatch on your lawn, piles of dead leaves, or vegetal debris in your yard, remove everything and clean the property. They can spend the entire winter in hiding, only to rise in spring and wreak havoc on your lawn and garden.

Our lawn care experts in Chesterfield MO say that the best lawn maintenance practices against dormant grubs include the removal of vegetal debris, cleaning sheds, and storage rooms, and so on. In spring, talk to your lawn care experts about insect control, lawn aeration, dethatching, and other spring-specific lawn care interventions.

3. Grubs Attract Moles and Skunks

Such larvae do not die in winter either. You won’t get to see them, as they dwell deep down in the ground, waiting to ruin your lawn come early spring. Nevertheless, you might see skunks and moles becoming very active on your property. They might dig to find their meal as well. If this happens, the best way to deal with things is to enroll your local lawn care team in Chesterfield, MO, for an early spring intervention and lawn fixes.

Did you saw such pest signs on your winter lawn so far? What do you plan to do about them?