Landscape Protection Measures against Winter Rodents: Landscaping Ballwin MO Experts Share their Tips

Winter rodents are not as rare as one might think. On the contrary, you might have a host of such pests waiting to attack your valuable landscape elements, even in cold temps and thick snow. Nevertheless, our landscape company in Ballwin MO is here to offer you some insights on how to deter rodents with some landscaping protection measures.

1. Identify the Infestation

It may not be an infestation yet, but you shouldn’t risk it. Signs of rodents having the time of their lives on your property include:

  • Chewed fruits, bark, branches, and other wooden elements;
  • Damages to landscape elements;
  • Droppings and footsteps;
  • Runways and lawn tunnels;
  • Missing flower bulbs and tubers;
  • Disturbed compost piles, woodpiles, and other materials.

When it comes to landscape protection against rodents, the best course of action is limiting the pests’ activity with the help of barriers. Our landscape installation experts in Ballwin MO have some recommendations for you.

2. Barriers against Rodents

If you do not want to add traps and baits to your beautiful winter landscape, here are some measures you can take.

  • Use steel mesh around your valuable landscape trees, ornamental plants, and shrubs as a fence. Bury the railing in the ground for at least 5 inches, to deter burrowing rodents, like voles. Also, raise the mesh above ground at least 20 inches high so you don’t find shaved tree bark and chewed bush branches all over the place.
  • Replace the existing mulch with inorganic one. Our landscaping company in Ballwin MO can help you with such mulch installations. We recommend gravel, pebbles, and crushed rocks. We also recommend you remove a layer of the existing organic mulch as well.
  • Add mulch to protect your perennials only when you find the ground frozen solid.
  • Burlap covers may also work against a harsh winter, although rodents will not find burlap a challenge.

3. Clean, clean, clean

Our landscaping specialists in Ballwin MO emphasize prevention. It means that you should keep your lawn and landscape neat and tidy at all times.

  • Remove all vegetal debris, firewood, dead leaves, and branches from the ground.
  • Keep the sheds and storage spaces tidy and dry.
  • Keep an eye on the house, as some rodents will like to find food and shelter in your basement or walls.

If you need help with landscape protection against rodents, ask our local landscaping company in Ballwin MO to give you a hand and help you find the best solutions!