Lawn Care St. Charles MO Experts Share Their Tips on Lawn Winterization

Lawn winterization should have started sometime back in September/October. However, if the weather is still warm in your area, you should discuss things with our lawn fertilizer company about the next steps you need to take to protect your lawn in winter. Our lawn care experts in St Charles MO are here today to present you with their winter tips for a safe yard!

1. It all starts with raking

Proper leaf removal can spare you a lot of trouble come harsh winter weather. You should rake the fallen tree leaves and make sure they don’t obscure the light reaching the roots. As an alternative, you can shred the leaves with a sharp-bladed mower and turn them into organic mulch that offers added nutrients and protection to the soil.

2. Pick the right winter fertilizer for the right grasses

Our experts in lawn care in St Charles MO recommend you pick the proper fertilizers for winterization depending on the turf you grow. Some turf types (most fescues, bluegrass, etc.) fare better in colder weather; therefore, they need winter fertilizers. Other turf varieties stay dormant during the season (zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda), and you should fertilize them in spring. Ask our local lawn fertilization company in St Charles MO about the types of substances you need in respect to the grasses you grow.

3. Timing is of the essence

If you haven’t started winterization yet, don’t waste any more time. You should prep your lawn for the season as soon as possible. Lawn care experts in St. Charles MO advise you to apply the winter fertilizer no later than mid-December. Although December is a bit late, in some circumstances, you can call your experts for proper applications.

4. It’s all about survival

What you need to understand is that winterization’s primary purpose is to help the roots store energy for the winter. It is a common mistake to think that winter fertilization helps to promote spring growth and color. However, it helps the roots store the necessary energy to survive the winter cold.

5. Call for professional help

Our local lawn fertilization company in St. Charles MO can help you make the best decisions regarding your lawn and property. Our specialists can provide you with the proper solutions, so you protect your lawn and garden with the right tools at the right time.