Sod Webworm Control: Lawn Treatments Ballwin MO Experts Share their Tips

Sod webworms are insidious creatures, just like grubs, that can ruin a lawn unseen. They overwinter in the larval stage and pupate when temperatures rise in April-May, reaching maturity around June. You may see them in the summer in their adult stage – lawn moths. However, it would help if you did everything possible to stop them from going through their lifecycle before the feed on your entire lawn. Our lawn treatment experts in Ballwin, MO, are here to share some tips with you regarding these pests.

The Correct Assessment of Sod Webworm Infestations

When you start noticing brown, dry, bare, or dead patches of lawn, you most likely blame the weather (drought) or improper fertilization. In Ballwin, MO, our lawn care company will come to assess the situation and diagnose the issue. The lawn treatments Ballwin, MO, experts can check whether the soil has the proper nutrients or weeds are depleting the grasses of healthy substances and act accordingly. You may also need better lawn mowing, better landscape irrigation, or a landscape revamp to balance the sun and shade on your property.

Our lawn care company in Ballwin, MO, will also assess for grubs and sod webworms. They live in the thatch and thrive in the warmth. For this reason, we will remove a 1×1 foot lawn and count the insects underneath. If we notice between 5 and 10 sod webworms larvae, we will undoubtedly recommend pest control.

Sod Webworms Prevention and Extermination

According to our lawn treatments experts in Ballwin, MO, the best way to prevent sod webworms – or grubs for that matter – is to engage in consistent, frequent, science-based, professional lawn care activities:

  • Soil tests and frequent lawn and landscape inspections;
  • Dethatching;
  • Aeration;
  • Lawn irrigation;
  • Lawn mowing;
  • Fertilization and weed control;
  • Mulching;
  • Soil treatments and amendments.

Sod webworms tend to thrive on those areas that face the south or on patches that receive uninterrupted sunlight, so maybe you can have your landscapers re-balance the sun/shade ratio on your property as well.

As sod webworm control goes, you have organic and synthetic means at your disposal. Once our lawn care company in Ballwin, MO, assess the situation, the technicians will present you with an action plan, depending on the infestation’s severity. You could introduce beneficial nematodes to your yard and use organic botanical insecticides to deter these pests.

Don’t hesitate to ask our lawn treatment specialists in Ballwin, MO, about sod webworms prevention and control! They will be more than happy to assist you when spring comes!