Did You Consider Replacing Your Turf? Lawn Care St. Peters MO Experts Explain Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is the practice of designing or changing lawns and properties to eliminate or reduce the need for watering. Since one of the main reasons homeowners use so much water and spend so much money on water is yard irrigation, xeriscaping comes as a natural, more sustainable alternative to lawn care and landscaping. Things go a bit smoother for new properties – all landscape designers have to do is develop “dry landscapes” with diminished watering needs. However, what do you do when you already have a lush lawn? Do you remove it to build a concrete yard? Of course not! Our experts in lawn care in St. Peters, MO, are here today to explain some things!

Replacing the Traditional Turf with Water Efficient Plants

This lawn replacement does not mean you should get rid of your entire lawn. It consists of replacing “thirsty” areas of your property with plants that require little irrigation. You can replace the turf in areas with high foot traffic, for instance. Since the grasses take some beating, those areas probably require more irrigation, fertilization, aeration, and maintenance to survive and keep up with the rest of the landscape. You can also replace the turf in lawn patches where you do not need a specific turf variety but beautiful green covers. So here is how fans of xeriscaping do things, according to our lawn service in St. Peters, MO:

  • Replace traditional turf with clover, chickweed, crabgrass, other native flowers, shrubs, and bushes. You are correct in thinking that clover and the rest are weeds because most of us consider them. However, such plants don’t need watering, fertilization, or extensive chemical usage for pest and weed control. What they need is supervision, edging, pruning & trimming, and so on. A reason more to get the best lawn care service in St. Peters, MO!
  • Appropriate, sustainable lawn maintenance: efficient watering using intelligent irrigation systems, mulching, organic soil amendments, installing native plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, etc.
  • Some homeowners replace large natural flowerbeds with outdoor plant containers with flowers/plants that need less water.

If the environmental conditions allow, you can even add outdoor succulents to your yard. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that our lawn care in St. Peters, MO, is here for you to assist you with any lawn care and management needs you have. We offer free estimates for any lawn care job you can think of, and we guarantee the best results!