Grass Clippings’ Many Benefits for Your Lawn According to Our Pros in Lawn Care in Chesterfield MO

You might be tempted to bag those unsightly clippings as letting them lie on your freshly manicured lawn gives your yard an unkempt appearance. However, our experts in lawn care in Chesterfield MO insist that grass clippings come with multiple unexpected benefits for your turf. In this post, we’ll name just a few.

Free Organic Fertilizer

Why invest in an expensive natural fertilizer when you can turn your clippings into an organic fertilizer for free? Thanks to your lawnmower, the leaves and stems in clippings are cut so small that they’ll turn quickly into a “slow-release” organic fertilizer which will feed your turf throughout the entire season. Grass clippings are packed with nutrients found in most commercial lawn fertilizers, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. It is estimated that up to 25% of nutrients lost to grass growth get back in the soil if you just leave the clippings on the lawn. Plus, unlike with commercial fertilizers, you don’t have to worry about applying too much or too little of grass clippings, about fertilizer burn, or the best timing.

Moisture Conservation

Leaving grass clippings on your lawn prevents water evaporation as they turn into a natural cover which keeps sunlight out and soil moisture in. It is estimated that grass clippings can boost water retention in the soil by up to 12%.

Weed Prevention

Since grass clippings offer plenty of shade, the weed seeds in soil lack the necessary sunlight to spawn. However, don’t let dense grass clumps to sit on your lawn, as they may suffocate the turf and kill it. They may also turn into a welcoming environment for pests and disease. To prevent heavy clumps of grass clippings, mow when the grass is not wet.

One Less Yard Chore for You

Not bagging grass clippings translates into less yard work for you. But in order to take advantage of clippings’ benefits without giving your lawn a disorderly look don’t let the turf grow too long between mowing sessions. Also, when mowing, ensure that you mow over the clippings multiple times to shred them into tinier, more compostable bits. If the clippings are too dense or thick, spread them across the lawn with a rake or blower.

As a side note, don’t leave clippings on the lawn if your turf is affected by a disease. In this case, clippings will just help spread the disease, so it is best to bag them and get rid of them.

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