Great Lawn Care in Ballwin MO: 3 Summer Weed Control Tips

If left unrestrained, weeds can easily take over a lawn as some species tend to spread like wildfire and rob your turf grasses of essential nutrients, sunlight and water. They thrive especially in unhealthy or struggling lawns, where they have plenty of room to grow and reproduce. Improper mowing practices and poor weed control may also add to the problem. Fortunately, our experts in lawn care in Ballwin MO have provided a handful of weed control tips every homeowner with a weed issue may find useful.

Keep Your Lawn Thick and Healthy

A thick and healthy lawn is the first line of defense in the battle against lawn weeds. Look for ways to grow your turf healthy and dense, as healthy turf grasses can naturally repel weeds by blocking the sunlight from reaching the ground and encouraging weed seed germination, locking in moisture, and outcompeting weeds in the race for nutrients. Also, a thick turf leaves little to no physical room for weeds to sprout and grow.

A healthy lawn needs to be watered consistently and properly, needs to be fed at the right times and rates, needs the right soil (some soil tests and aeration if the soil is too depleted and compact may come in handy here), and needs to be mowed regularly and at the right heights.

Mow High

This is a natural weed deterrent if you can get past the instinct of mowing your lawn short. Make sure that you don’t remove more than 1/3 of turf grasses length in the warm season. This simple practice prevents water evaporation, keep grasses resilient in the scorching heat, and ensures enough shade to deter any weeds from making a comeback.

Keep in mind that mowing the turf too short can stress out a lawn especially in the summer, unless you’re willing to mow it three times a week, water it daily, and invest in some strong herbicides and pesticides. The ideal mowing height largely depends on the type of turf grasses in your lawn while your anti-weed mowing strategy should be paired with an effective watering schedule. Consider hiring a lawn mowing company or give our lawn care Ballwin MO experts a call to help you out with that.

Gather Intel on the Weeds

You cannot possibly win a battle if you know next to nothing about your adversary – the weeds. Do some research on the type of weeds inhabiting your lawn to be able to develop better strategies for fighting them off. There are grassy and broadleaf weeds, annuals and perennials so there’s really no one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with them.

Knowing your weeds will enable you to choose the best weed killer for your lawn. Don’t rely heavily on universal herbicides, as those cannot tackle all types of plants. Plus, if you know that the weeds in your lawn are perennials, you’ll know that pulling them out is a no-go area since every tiny bit of root left in the ground can and will sprout even more plants, worsening the problem exponentially.

Don’t Hesitate to Give Our Lawn Care Ballwin MO Experts a Call!

If weeds have taken over and you have no idea where to start, our experts in Ballwin, MO, can help you out. We at Lawn Masters have developed a solid weed prevention and control program to keep our clients’ lawns weed-free year-round. Don’t hesitate to ask for a Free Estimate of our services via our website or give us a call at 636-230-0700 for fastest service.