Top Rules to Follow for Weed Control and Lawn Treatments in Manchester MO

Just like we do not recommend using pesticides on your own to deter pests and insects, we do not recommend homeowners pour herbicides on their lawns to kill weeds. But, sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands for one reason or another. In case you cannot enjoy the benefits of having a professional team of lawn treatments in Manchester, OH, to perform urgent weed control, you might have to deal with things on your own. To minimize risks and ensure your lawn is healthy and thriving, our lawn care company in Manchester, OH, wishes to offer you some tips and rules to follow when implementing weed control.

1. Prevention is Key

A clean yard that benefited from expert lawn care and management should not experience severe weed problems in theory. In practice, weeds can invade even the healthiest of lawns. To prevent an infestation means to pay attention to everything that grows in your yard. Pull the weeds as you see them and apply mulch to keep them away from other grasses, flowerbeds, and plants.

2. Perform Constant Care

By this, our team of fertilization and weed control in Manchester, OH, means that you have to employ a combination of measures to keep the invaders at bay:

  • Weed pulling;
  • Lawn cleaning, raking, and mowing;
  • Lawn irrigation;
  • Mulching;
  • Fertilization.

A balanced menu of lawn management activities should reduce the weeds invading your property and nourish the soil to give the turf and other plants an advantage against them.

3. Use Organic Herbicides

If you must use weed control chemicals, liquid substances, powders, and sprays, make sure you go to a specialized store and buy organic products – or as close as organic you can get. Chemical herbicides are very efficient, but unprofessional applications can lead to devastating effects for your lawn, plants, and the environment.

Our lawn treatments company in Manchester, OH, recommends taking the organic path in weed control, even if you use herbicides. We create our tailored blends depending on the weed varieties you deal with and the infestation severity. However, if you want sprays, granular weed killers, or liquids to do the job, pick those that are the least harmful to the soil, underground water reserves, plants, animals & insects, and so on.

The best choice in weed control is to get specialized lawn treatments in Manchester, OH. Our lawn care company is there for everything you need regarding lawn management, fertilization, weed control, and more!