Top Trends in Lawn Care in St Charles MO You Should Consider This Year

We bet you are waiting for spring to work outside in your garden and watch the vegetation thrive in front of your eyes. You all know what you have to do as soon as the temperatures rise and nature starts coming back to life. Aeration, overseeding, raking, dethatching – they are all mandatory activities. Nevertheless, our experts in landscaping in St Charles, MO, are here to tell you more about lawn care trends you should consider for your yard this year!

1. Water-Saving Lawn Care

We have talked about water-saving landscape designs and saving water on lawn care, but the latest trends show significant xeriscaping growth. As we all know, outdoor gardening activities usually require about 40% of a household’s water use. Our experts in lawn care in St Charles, MO, recommend a few certain yard upgrades to save water. You can start with replacing some vast turf areas with other types of plants or even with patios, outdoor structures, fire & water elements, etc. You can also collect rainwater in barrels and reuse it for lawn care activities.

2. Organic Lawn Care

The eco-friendly approach to lawn care includes several activities and tweaks, many of which our lawn service in St Charles, MO, have talked about in the past. However, the minimum you can do, according to our experts in lawn care in St Charles, MO, is the following:

  • Mulching and using compost for lawn care and maintenance;
  • Organic pest control using aromatic plants to deter insects or wildlife; for instance, allium, lavender, lilac, etc., are great to repel mosquitoes. Thorny plants protecting flowerbeds or garden areas keep rabbits, voles, and even larger animals away from your property;
  • Using organic blends of fertilizers to nourish and protect your lawn. Our experts in lawn care in St Charles, MO, can help you with such activities.

3. Smart Watering Systems

Technology helps us every day, making sense to see its influence in lawn care and landscaping this year. You know smart sprinkler systems are not new. However, now, gardeners and landscape architects talk about lawn irrigation systems capable of monitoring plant water use, soil conditions, weather conditions, and evaporation, among others!

Does any of these lawn care trends interest you this year? Contact our lawn care company in St Charles, MO, to discuss the upcoming lawn maintenance activities. Moreover, we can help you implement such trends if you feel that you could approach lawn care in a more cost and effort-efficient way!