Do You Need Lawn Treatments in Chesterfield, MO against Noxious Weeds?

Weeds come in many shapes and sizes, and we are sure you are now closely working with your experts in lawn treatments in Chesterfield, MO, to keep them at bay. But while our experts implement true-and-tested step-by-step programs against common lawn weeds, you need to know about noxious weeds as well. It is not likely you have them on your property, as all these years of prevention weed treatments, pre-emergent, and post-emergent control do their job well. However, the issue with noxious weeds is that you could carry them home unknowingly, so some information is good to have.

How Do Noxious Weeds Differ from Other Weeds?

Besides the problematic dandelions, crabgrass, pigweed, and other common garden weeds, sometimes, noxious weeds can spread on your property to the detriment of your other grasses and plants. Some common noxious weeds include ragwort, wild parsnip, field bindweed, Canada thistle, quackgrass, yellow nutsedge, buckhorn plantain, and more.

Some agriculture and horticulture experts agree that some noxious weeds are beneficial in some ways. For instance, ragwort is among the most plentiful nectar makers, supporting bees and other pollinators. In addition, just like some weeds prevent erosion and nurture the soil, some noxious weeds are a godsend for the ecosystem.

Nevertheless, if someday you see a flowery vine timidly growing somewhere on your property, and you think it resembles the morning glory, call your local experts in lawn treatments in Chesterfield, MO. You might have the bindweed plant to deal with, and that is not a weed to ignore. Besides spreading wildly and being extremely hard to eradicate, it is poisonous to people and animals.

How Do You Prevent a Noxious Weeds Infestation?

Noxious weeds harm agriculture, horticulture, livestock, park and forest management, nature reserves, and other outdoor areas. It is likely to take a trip out there in the wilderness with the family to get far from the madding crowd and return with some weed seeds in your car, backpack, camping gear, clothes, etc. From your home to your garden, air, people, and pets do the rest of the job.

It is difficult to prevent any strange weed seeds from finding a place in your landscape, so count on your local lawn treatments company in Chesterfield, MO, to treat your lawn and garden, so no weeds become a threat. However, if you see an odd plant developing, ask our technicians to identify it and advise you. In some cases, you will have to call the responsible authorities for intervention.