What Do You Think about Rock and Stone Landscaping in Chesterfield, MO?

Rock-based landscaping is a very popular trend appealing to more and more homeowners. The idea started taking shape some years back, when rocks, gravel, pebbles, river rocks, etc., started to replace large and costly lawn areas. Xeriscaping is still all the rage, but rock and stone landscaping took a life of its own. Now, in homeowners’ yards, our experts in landscaping in Chesterfield, MO, install a wide range of rock designs and elements to boost their properties’ aesthetics and functionality. If you want to perform some upgrades and revamps on your property this year, let’s see what our landscape company has to say!

How Can You Use Rocks in Your Landscape Design?

Natural, textural, colored, and low-maintenance rocks, stones, flagstone pavers, etc., add interest, texture, depth, contrast, and size to any landscape. Here are some ideas coming from our experts in landscaping in Chesterfield, MO:

  • Use large boulders in your front yard if you want to add some interest to a flat plant bed. Anchoring plant beds with boulders catch the eye and give some depth to your landscape. If your property features stone elements elsewhere, the boulders in the front yard pull the entire landscape together in a coherent design;
  • Cobblestone, pavers, bricks, or flagstone pavers make excellent choices to create walkways in your garden, especially if you add moss (or other ground covers) in the spaces between the stones;
  • If you consider a full property revamp, talk to our landscaping company in Chesterfield, MO, about patios or even extended patios to replace some lawn areas;
  • Stone retaining walls and rock walls play multiple roles on a property, so talk to your landscaping company about your options. Whether you want to separate your property from the street or terrace a slope, retaining walls are excellent choices.
  • Combining rocks with organic mulch turns any property’s patch into a charming rustic area, which is eye-catching and inviting;
  • When you mix rocks with water or with fire, you can create new and exciting landscape elements. From small waterfalls, ponds, or fountains to outdoor fireplaces, mixing natural “ingredients” creates a charming atmosphere no matter the overall theme of your landscape.

Our experts in landscaping in Chesterfield, MO, recommend using flat stones for patios, walkways, pathways, etc., because round stones are unstable, and you need mortar to keep them in place.

For more suggestions and landscaping design ideas, ask our local landscaping company for its support! We guarantee 100% satisfaction!