Landscaping in Ballwin MO around Trees – All You Need to Know from Experts

When you have a beautiful landscape filled with trees and shrubs for color, texture, depth, privacy, and increased curb appeal, you might think there are no other ways to spice up the property even more. However, the areas around the trees are usually barren patches of soil, mulch, or – in the best case scenario – some turf. What if you had plenty of options to create veritable mini under-tree landscapes under the trees? Our experts in landscaping in Ballwin, MO, are here to teach you what to do with the space under and around trees to help it rise to its true potential!

1. Grow a Shade Garden under the Tree

Many homeowners fear that the Tree’s shade will stunt flowers and plants’ growth. It all depends on the tree types and varieties you have and the plants you want to add around it. Trees with thick canopies require the plantation of shade plants that will love that particular space. Our experts in landscaping in Ballwin, MO, recommend magnolias, impatiens, hostas, and coral bells as shade plants that will make a gorgeous addition to the area around the Tree.

2. Retaining Walls and Stone Decorations

If you have a lonely tree in your garden, a retaining wall might change everything about it. A retaining wall around a tree adds a uniform look to the yard and creates a splendid focal point. Instead of bare roots and patchy grass at the base of a tree, a retaining wall made of pavers or stones adds beauty, charm, and even functionality to your Tree. Using retaining walls is also a creative solution to solving erosion problems or dealing with hilly terrain in the tree area.

3. Design a Deck or Patio around the Tree

We are sure you talked to our landscaping company in Ballwin, MO, about building decks or patios on your property for more comfort and functionality. So if you are planning such new additions on your property, why not considering building decks or patios around a tree?

A tree towering over a charming outdoor living space represents a beautiful creation and a meaningful connection with the environment. It delivers great shade, coverage, coolness, serenity, excitement, and beauty for those using the patio/deck.

If you want more landscaping ideas with or around your trees, don’t hesitate to contact our experts in landscaping in Ballwin, MO, and ask them for their help and support!