Yard Care and Lawn Treatments in Chesterfield MO Using Wood Ash

In winter, many homeowners use their outdoor firepits or barbeques. But, if they also use indoor fireplaces, the most important question becomes: what should they do with all the ashes we gather? Do you throw wood ashes out? Our experts in lawn treatments in Chesterfield, MO, recommend using your leftover ashes in your yard and garden. Ashes have amazing qualities as organic soil fertilizer, pH balancer, and pest repellent, among others. Let’s see some tips to use ash to avoid waste and boost your yard’s overall health.

Add to Compost

One of the most important uses of ash is to boost your compost pile’s efficiency. According to our lawn fertilization company in Chesterfield, MO, here is how to recycle leftover ashes to supercharge the compost.

Don’t pour entire buckets of ash into the compost pile. Instead, add thin layers to the heap from time to time to accelerate the composting process, boost microbial life, control insect populations, and more. Our experts recommend using the ashes coming only from seasoned, dry firewood. It should not present varnish, paint, trace chemicals, etc.

Correct pH Imbalances

Wood and ashes are excellent potassium sources – among other nutrients – and act as natural pH balancers for acidic soils. According to our lawn fertilizer service providers in Chesterfield, MO, ash offers the same properties and benefits as lime. However, ashes dissolve in water much faster, so make sure you replenish them often. You can simply sprinkle ashes on your soil to add a potassium boost or lower acidity levels, but not before a soil test!

Use as Pest Deterrent

If you are into organic pest control methods, you are in luck. The salts in the ash are an excellent repellent for slugs, snails, and other soft-bodied pests. If you have some winter plants or crops under attack, sprinkle ashes around the plants’ bases. Since rain and snow will dissolve the ashes, ensure you reapply a new layer frequently. You can also make a circle of ash around the pests’ favorite plants to act as a barrier.

What Ash Is the Best in the Garden?

Our experts in lawn treatments in Chesterfield, MO, recommend you use the ash resulted from burning hard firewood, like oak and maple, as they contain more nutrients than softwood.

If you need more information and help with using ashes as lawn fertilizer, compost booster, or pH control substance, don’t hesitate to contact our lawn treatments company in Chesterfield, MO, this winter!