Save Money on Lawn Treatments in Ballwin MO with Fallen Leaves

If this title makes you raise your eyebrows, our lawn treatments experts in Ballwin, MO, are here to shine some light. You can use the fallen leaves on your property to save money, time, and effort with all your lawn care, fertilization, and mulch installations in Ballwin, MO! Many homeowners collect and throw away the fallen leaves on their properties instead of properly using them. However, fallen leaves make organic material that enhances your environmental and sustainability efforts regarding property maintenance. Let us see today how you can use the fallen leaves you rake almost every day in the fall!

1. Shred The Leaves to Make Mulch

Fallen leaves that are wet can indeed cause damages if you leave them on the ground. A source of diseases, pests, mold, etc., they can become a nuisance. However, our lawn treatments pros in Ballwin, MO, recommend you to allow the leaves to dry (if you get a couple of dry, warm, sunny days) and use the lawnmower to shred them into medium-sized pieces. Remember to set the mower at its highest cutting height.

Then, according to our mulch installation company in Ballwin, MO, you should use the shredded leaves as mulch for your vegetable garden, trees, flowerbeds, and more. If you have a sizeable pile of leaves left, store them in bags in a dry place and use them next time you need to refresh the mulch layer.

2. Shred the Leaves to Make Soil Conditioner

In case you have covered the mulch issue with your lawn treatments company in Ballwin, MO. Still, you want to save money in the lawn maintenance department, here is what our mulch installation Ballwin, MO specialists recommend: shred the leaves to make a soil conditioner.

It works the same way as we discussed above with the amendment that you have to shred the leaves in the smallest pieces possible. Leave these bits on the lawn to decompose slowly. You cannot get a cheaper, more sustainable, and more efficient soil conditioner than this! The leaves preserve moisture, protect roots from cold, and nourish the soil.

3. Collect the Leaves for Your Compost Pile

Gardeners who make compost already know to collect brown leaves, twigs, and other vegetal leftovers for their compost piles. Our lawn treatment experts in Ballwin, MO, recommend you turn the compost pile once a month to allow oxygen to do its job.

For more information on how to use fallen leaves, please don’t be shy to ask our mulch and lawn treatments service provider in Ballwin, MO, for their help!