Sustainable Weed Control Tips from Our Lawn Treatments Manchester MO Experts

Even though early summer comes with colors, scent, and buzzing, it also brings many threats: pests, diseases, and the omnipresent weeds. You can’t stop birds and insects from dropping weed seeds on your lawn. You cannot also stop the wind from moving weed seeds all over the place. What you can do is keep weeds at bay and prevent their spreading on your newly overseeded lawn or your vegetable crops. There are plenty of smart, organic, and easy ways to fend off weeds, and this is what our lawn treatments experts in Manchester, MO, will talk about today.

Don’t Use Chemical Fertilizers or Weed Killers

Weed killers, fertilizers, and chemicals you might consider are a danger to the soil, vegetation, and the seedling roots’ systems. As we already mentioned, reseeded lawns need exceptional care. It is better to pull out weeds than to risk damaging your new turf with chemicals. If you grow veggies, fruit, spices, and herbs, you should also refrain from using herbicides as they can turn your crops into inedible products.

Use As Much Mulch As You Can

Our lawn fertilization company in Manchester, MO, is favorable to using mulch as a weed defender. We have talked about mulch many times before, but let’s look at mulch as a weed barrier and not fertilizer.

  • Moist mulch (organic) helps seedlings and established plants develop resilience against weeds. It allows their roots to thrive and handle a weed infestation.
  • Dry mulch (hardwood) works best as a weed defense mechanism. It acts as a natural barrier between weeds and trees, lawn areas, plants, vegetables, and flowers.
  • Inorganic mulch can take the shape of fabric, plastic, stone, and gravel. It is one of the best weed defenders, as it doesn’t allow them to spread over reseeded lawns, vegetable gardens, or flowerbeds.

Have your lawn fertilization company in Manchester, MO, install the proper type of mulch according to your needs until our technicians deem safe the use of professional fertilizers and weed killers.

Do Not Help Weeds Come to Life

You have enormous amounts of weed seeds buried in your soil. They don’t all germinate, sprout or spread at the same time. However, you can accidentally offer them the conditions to come to life spontaneously. Our advice is to avoid engaging in invasive lawn care activities (digging, plantations, removals of trees, or shrubs) on your own. Always enlist the help of our lawn treatment experts in Manchester, MO!

Ask for professional lawn treatments in Manchester, MO, and have our experts implement a proper lawn care maintenance program for the entire year!