Lawn Care Ballwin MO Experts’ Tips on Water-Clogged Lawns’ Treatments

Storms and heavy rains can create temporary puddles on your lawn. Most of the time, these boggy spots drain naturally in a few days of sunny, dry weather. But what about those lawns that entertain large water puddles and mudslides? Those yards present drainage issues that risk causing permanent damages to your lawn and landscape. Fixing a damaged lawn is not an easy feat, so it is better to tackle the issue in its early stages. According to our experts in lawn care, Ballwin, MO, if your lawn usually suffers from water clogging, here is what you should do!

3 Solutions to Quickly Fix a Water-Clogged Lawn

As we said, the easiest way to go about it is to allow the lawn to dry naturally. However, poor drainage can have other underlying factors: heavy foot traffic, clay soil, flat terrain with no grade lines or slopes, compacted soil areas, and more. The long-term solution is to re-grade the lawn. A lawn care contractor in Ballwin, MO, could survey your property and establish a good grade line. Then, with specialized equipment, engineers could raise the lowest spots and lower high spots to create a natural water flow. Such a costly project takes time, however. For faster fixes (until you decide on a full landscape revamp), here is what our experts in lawn care in Ballwin, MO, recommend!

  1. Aeration. It is the fastest choice at hand to promote drainage. Our lawn care company in Ballwin, MO, uses professional soil core aerators to break down compacted and clay soil areas and allow air and light to go deep. Aeration promotes plant growth, as you know, and solves many drainage issues.
  2. Topdressing with specialized materials. Our lawn care contractor in Ballwin, MO, recommends a top dressing with compost and horticultural sand to create a loose and breathing soil structure. These two materials encourage beneficial bacteria activity that allows the soil to drain better and all grasses to grow deeper and healthier.
  3. Overseeding. After aeration and soil top-dressing, overseeding promotes the rejuvenation of your lawn. Overseed the water-damaged areas that present no grasses. Ensure you keep the overseeded area evenly moist and engage in regular but infrequent deep irrigation instead of daily light watering.

Other solutions to water-clogged lawns include creating water gardens, installing French drains, or digging ditches to direct water in the proper direction. If you need help with such tasks, contact our lawn care Ballwin, OH experts for a free estimate, a full property assessment, and professional services!