What to Do after Lawn Overseeding: Our Pros in Lawn Care in Chesterfield, MO Share their Tips

At the beginning of the season, you have your plate full of lawn care and landscape management activities. As we have discussed before, lawn overseeding is one of the most vital among the many preparations and tasks on your list. It helps restore your landscape to its shape and health, boosts its looks and value, and offers you never-ending moments of peace and relaxation. However, according to our experts in lawn care in Chesterfield, MO, many homeowners do not know what to do after an overseeding session. So let’s find out together how to treat your overseeded lawn for the best results!

1. Irrigation

The first rule is to water an overseeded lawn daily (twice a day) for the seedlings to develop robustly. As we all know, watering depends on weather conditions, the types of seeds you planted, and so on. Our pros in lawn care in Chesterfield, MO, have the following tips for you:

  • Make sure at least ¼ inch of the soil remains moist at all times, even if you don’t water twice a day;
  • Follow this irrigation program until the seedlings grow into the turf and reach the recommended mowing height;
  • You can discuss installing an irrigation system with our experts in lawn care in Chesterfield, MO. Such a system might save you the time, money, and effort required by landscape watering for decades from now on.

2. Lawn Protection

Some people ask us what to do after they overseeded their lawn. At this point in the conversation, we want to tell them what not to do.

  • Avoid any lawn traffic for a few weeks after overseeding. Stepping and trampling the reseeded areas can inhibit the seedlings’ growth, and they can even kill them. Limit children, pets’ activity, and all interactions with the overseeded areas until you get new grass blades that are strong and healthy.

3. Lawn Mowing

Some homeowners mow too early and some too late after overseeding. Our specialists in lawn care in Chesterfield, MO, recommend you mow the lawn only when the new turf blades reached their recommended mowing heights. Wait for two to four weeks until you consider mowing or edging.

Instead of performing all sorts of lawn experiments this season, ask your team of lawn care contractors in Chesterfield, MO, to reseed the property for you and manage the other tasks (irrigation, weed control, mowing, edging, fertilization, pest control, etc.) in your stead! You will fully enjoy our yearly lawn maintenance plan, we promise!