How to Perform Lawn Treatments in Ballwin MO for Successful Pre-Emergent Control?

Lawn treatments, fertilization, and weed control are crucial elements of any successful lawn and landscape maintenance program. Unfortunately, pre-emergent treatments in Ballwin, MO, are time-sensitive. Moreover, you need to have the knowledge and skills regarding the substances to use. You must use only chemicals that went through a rigorous certification and registration process with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Our experts in lawn treatments in Ballwin, MO, are here to share with you a few tips on pre-emergent weed control so you know what you should expect from such interventions.

1. Weather and Soil Temperature Are of the Essence

We know that the most efficient pre-emergent lawn treatments in Ballwin, MO, are the ones you apply for in late summer or very early fall. It goes the same for spring interventions. However, it is easier to find the perfect timing after the warm season than the cold one. After a long winter, your soil needs to warm up before you even consider successful pre-emergent weed control.

Our experts in lawn treatments in Ballwin, MO, can help you test the soil’s temperature for a few days in a row. According to agriculture and horticulture specialists, the best temperature range is 50-55 degrees for five days in a row.

When the soil reaches this constant temperature, you can call our local team of fertilization and weed control in Ballwin, MO, to start the application.

2. One Pre-Emergent Treatment Might Not Be Enough

Our pre-emergent weed control experts say that pre-emergent weed herbicides are best for grassy and annual weeds that reproduce by seeds. However, plants do not germinate all at the same time. Moreover, your yard does not suffer from the presence of a single weed variety. For instance, chickweed, filaree, or annual bluegrass germinate earlier, so proper pre-emergence weed control might be efficient in late winter. Your experts in lawn treatments in Ballwin, OH, can help you with all such tasks and even more.

3. The Pre-Emergent Products Used Matter

As we said, you can only use EPA-certified herbicides on your property. Moreover, you need to consider the substance type (sprays, liquids, granular fertilizers) and the application methods (sprayer, spreaders, etc.). Our experts in lawn treatments in Ballwin, MO, can help you with anything you need related to soil evaluations, weed treatments, fertilization, soil amendments, and more!

Lawn care is complicated and needs your full attention, especially in early spring, when all things seem to happen at once. You can count on us at all times for all your lawn treatments in Ballwin, MO!