Spring Overseeding: Our Experts in Lawn Care St. Peters, MO, Share Their Tips

Spring overseeding is a tricky business, especially because you can entertain crabgrass and other weeds during the overseeding process. It is best to overseed in the fall, for obvious reasons, but the same spring activity has its logic and sense. After a long, hard winter, your lawn and landscape might have suffered a handful. Moreover, we all want lush, dense, and green lawns, so overseeding makes sense to cover bare spots and boost the looks and health of your lawn and landscape. Today, our lawn care experts in St. Peters, MO, are here to share some tips on spring overseeding that you might want to consider this season.

1. Perform a Soil Test

You may overlook this task, but you should perform a soil test every spring before working on your property. Call our lawn care service in St. Peters, MO, to get professional soil testing and evaluations. Our specialists can help you to evaluate the property, look for damage signs, assess clay spots, and consider soil compaction, lack of nutrients, and so on.

2. Don’t Forget to Prep the Area Properly

Prepping the lawn for overseeding requires some activities you need to perform to ensure this operation’s success. Our experts in overseeding in St. Peters, MO, recommend you do the following:

  • Mow the lawn short – up to 2 inches;
  • Bag the grass clippings – our experts in lawn care in St. Peters, MO, recommend you keep them for organic mulch and compost;
  • Dethatch, rake, and remove the debris from the lawn – ensure the new seeds reach the soil and have a fair chance of germinating;
  • Aerate the soil – get expert aeration in St. Peters, MO; our experts have the tools and equipment to perform professional aeration on your property.

3. Use a Spreader

Our professional lawn care company in St. Peters, MO, uses commercial-grade spreaders to ensure they distribute the seeds evenly. They pay special attention to bare spots, which usually need double the seed quantity per square meter than unaffected lawn areas.

4. Apply a Golf Course Starter/Lawn Renovator

Here is where things get tricky. You can use a store-bought fertilizer to encourage seed germination, but professional overseeding in St. Peters, MO, should consider applying a professional lawn renovator or golf course starter. Pay attention to bare spots!

5. Water the New Overseeded Lawn

Spring weather is erratic, and the wind can dry your new seeds in an instant. After you overseeded, ask your lawn care company in St. Peters, MO, to help you water the lawn in a timely, professional manner.