Landscaping Pros in Manchester MO Recommend Some Early Fall Preparations

Just as early spring activities are essential to ensure a healthful, lush yard, the early fall preparations secure the proper thriving of your landscape throughout the following year. Of course, one would possibly argue that the next early fall activities aren’t necessary. However, our experts in landscaping in Manchester, MO, have a different opinion: as temperatures fall and wintry weather approaches, some of the following tasks are mandatory. So let’s see what you want to be doing right now!

1. Soil Testing

You likely already examined the soil in advance this spring; however, a second fall check is likewise necessary. In early fall, the soil may lack a few nutrients or feature some pH imbalances. You want your local landscaping company in Manchester, MO, to check the soil’s pH, nutrient levels, water needs, drainage problems, etc. Once you research your soil requests precisely, you could ask your landscaping company to use fertilizers and amendments to ensure its thriving.

2. Aeration

Another spring activity you need to repeat in early fall, soil aeration is necessary. It permits the soil/plants to collect sunrays, water, oxygen, and fertilizers to strengthen the roots. If you have the test results and a list of soil nutrient deficiencies, make certain you discuss things with your landscaping company in Manchester, MO, to prep the soil for the wintry weather.

3. Higher Mowing Blades

In fall, you ought to raise your garden mower blades at the least ½ inches. The turf blades will develop taller and seize sufficient sun, air, and nutrients to build resilience for the cold weather. However, beginning mid and late fall, you should not allow the turf blades to grow any taller, as you might encourage the formation of snow mold and moist-loving diseases and fungi.

4. Lawn Reseeding

Surely, after a warm summer season, you could see a few bare or affected spots throughout your garden. It means it’s time to reseed these regions and make certain your turf will develop dense and healthy. Have your landscaping professionals in Manchester, OH, offer a helping hand with reseeding. Just ensure you supply the newly planted seeds with sufficient water and fertilizers to help the plants’ roots develop robustly before the first snowfall.

5. Irrigation

If fall got here with some rain, then irrigation isn’t a concern. But, if you still deal with warm temperatures, you need to put together an irrigation plan with your local landscaping company in Manchester, OH.

For any other early fall preparations, talk to your landscaping experts in Manchester, OH. Please request a free estimate and let our experts help you!