Sustainable Landscaping in Ballwin MO: How to Reuse Your Christmas Tree

In and out of themselves, gardening and landscaping are sustainable, eco-friendly activities. So how do you repurpose your Christmas tree to keep up with your spirit and principles? If you have never tried this before, let’s hear our experts in landscaping in Ballwin, MO. They are here with a handful of suggestions on how to reuse your Christmas tree in your yard to breathe new life into it!

Replant Your Tree in the Garden

If you have some space in your yard or garden – and we’re sure you do – you can easily replant your Christmas tree outside after the holidays. Not many people know these trees are incredibly resilient, even if they don’t have roots anymore. Talk to your local landscaping company in Ballwin, MO, about planting them directly in your yard or a pot. Even if it does not take root, it will make a great bird feeder and sanctuary.

Use the Tree as Compost

Put your Christmas tree to good use by adding it to your compost heap. First, chop the tree in the smallest pieces possible and let the pile dry until the needles fall and the twigs become brittle. Then, add a handful of this brown organic material to your compost combined with your usual compostable items.

Use the Tree as Firewood

Do you have an outdoor fire pit? Our landscaping company in Ballwin, MO, recommends you grab your garden tools and add the Christmas tree to your firewood pile for amazing winter evenings with your loved ones. If you want to use the tree for indoor fire, let it dry until next year to avoid any risks.

Recycle the Tree

Some homeowners don’t have the time or inclination to engage in such winter activities. Yet, it would be a shame and a waste to leave the tree to the curb for the garbage trucks to pick them up. The proper alternative is to talk to your landscaping company in Ballwin, MO, about recycling. Garden centers usually take old trees to turn them into wood chips for mulching or composting. Look for collection centers in your area that would be available to take the tree out of your hands and put it to good use.

If you need more Christmas tree repurposing ideas or some real help, you can always contact our landscaping service provider. Our team is always willing to offer their support, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!