Landscaping Ballwin MO Specialists’ Yard Preparation Tasks for this Late Fall

Winter is upon us, so you should hurry with the last lawn and landscape chores you have to perform to ensure their thriving next spring. We had talked about mulching before, just as we mentioned pruning and trimming, among others. Nevertheless, here is a checklist our experts in landscaping Ballwin, MO, recommend you to keep in mind for the following weeks. Until the first substantial snowfall or frost take over your property, you should still work around a little to make sure everything is in order and waiting for the next season!

Yard Preparation Tasks to Consider in Late Fall

The first aspect to consider when it comes to lawn and landscaping maintenance in Ballwin, MO, is leaf removal. As our spring & fall clean up Ballwin, MO, experts said before, cleaning the yard is crucial for a healthy lawn next year. Leaf removal might be an ongoing chore for the following weeks, but our specialists are here to help. Their suggestion is for you to collect the fallen leaves and turn them into nutritious organic mulch. You could, on the other hand, use the leaves for your compost pile. But, besides vegetal debris removal and mulching, here are other chores you need to focus on this time of year:

  • One last lawn mowing. Ask our company of landscaping in Ballwin, MO, for this chore to make sure things go right;
  • Weed removal. You could pull some weeds if they are in small numbers. If you still have many weeds around the yard, call your experts in landscaping and fertilization in Ballwin, MO, to apply control substances and even pre-emergent weed control to ensure the healthy development of your lawn;
  • Soil aeration. If you aerate the soil, you will prevent water from pooling and allow fertilizers to reach the roots’ system. Our landscaping service providers in Ballwin, MO, recommend you wait until spring to aerate if your groundcover is a warm-season species.
  • Tree trimming and pruning. If you have perennials, now it is the best time to cut back some branches, rogue twigs, shrub overgrowth, and be sure they do not bloom until spring.
  • Now that you have some bags of leaves put aside, you can use them to make mulch or refresh the existing layers you have around in flowerbeds, the vegetable garden, around trees, etc.

You should consider these tasks in yard preparation this season. Discuss matters with our landscaping experts in Ballwin, MO, and let them help you with your chores!