Taking Care of Your Lawn in March: Tips from our Pros in Lawn Care in Glencoe MO

Your lawn needs your full attention and dedication this time of year, in case you did not start preparations and maintenance the previous month. We know you cannot wait to enjoy the vibrant green of your turf, the scents, and colors of your garden, and your property is buzzing with life. Nevertheless, we still have a bumpy road to travel until we reach that point and plenty of things to do. Our experts in lawn care in Glencoe MO are here today to present you with some of their tips and tricks on March lawn preparation!

Inspections and Assessments

After a long winter, you can expect some damages to be visible on your lawn and garden. In other words, you should begin with a thorough evaluation of your property. Here are the main things to investigate:

  • Snow mold patches that you need to solve very soon to avoid more severe consequences; if you haven’t dealt with snow mold before, ask our specialists in lawn care in Glencoe MO to give you a hand with such situations;
  • Bare spots and exposed soil patches that you will have to seed very soon;
  • Thatch and areas with compacted soil or clay formations;
  • Worm casts you to have to dispose of before you start mowing;
  • Early weeds and pests you need to handle before you begin other intensive lawn care activities;
  • Damages visible on plants, shrubs, tree barks, and more.


Before you go out with the lawn mower blazing (sort to speak), you should know you have plenty of things to do beforehand. Our experts in lawn care in Glencoe MO say you should focus on the following issues:

  • Cleaning the lawn of thatch, vegetal debris, dead leaves, and more – make sure you don’t rake matted down grass but use your blower to remove it; pick up items from the ground and store them correctly.
  • Tend to uneven ground spots (the low ones can lead to places causing poor drainage, while you risk scalping the high ones when mowing);
  • Seeding – as we said above, you need to reseed bare spots very soon to stop weeds from proliferating. Exposed patches of soil are welcoming for early spring weeds.
  • Fertilization and weed control – if you consider fertilization this month, talk to your lawn care service experts about blending fertilizers and herbicides. While pre-emergent weed control is mandatory (together with herbicide spray), you should leave the task in the hands of professionals. In case you want to handle the situation, ask for advice to avoid causing chemical damages to your lawn;
  • Mowing and watering depend on many factors. To get things right from the beginning, see that you operate only with clean and sharp mowers, and you do not cut the grasses more inches than necessary. A light topping is a viable solution.

Hiring Professional Lawn Care in Glencoe MO

If you had not yet contracted our experts in lawn care in Glencoe MO maybe it is time to give them a call. Ask for a free estimate and make up a plan together to make sure your lawn and landscape receive the best treatments and maintenance all year long!