Best Lawn Care in Clarkson Valley MO: Let’s talk about the Importance of Mulch

Spring mulching is one of the most useful lawn care activities, but many homeowners deem it as unimportant. However, our experts in lawn care in Clarkson Valley MO are here to talk to you about the importance of spring mulching. Even if you mulched last fall, it is equally important to consider this activity and schedule it into your more substantial lawn care and landscaping strategy for this season. Let’s see why mulch is essential for the health and thriving of your lawn!

7 Reasons to Mulch in Spring According to Our Pros in Lawn Care in Clarkson Valley MO

Before we begin, we should get on the same page as what mulch means. It is a material (organic or inorganic) that we use as a blanket for the soil. This cover (or layer) plays many roles in a yard or garden, many of which have an environmental substrate that one cannot ignore. Here are the top X reasons to take organic mulch seriously:

  1. By adding organic material to the soil, mulch acts as a natural slow-release fertilizer, nourishing the seeds and plants’ roots with necessary minerals and vitamins;
  2. Mulch saves you a lot of money on the long run by acting as a fertilizer (and weed controller, keeping weeds at bay in their quest of conquering new territory and your plants’ resources). While this does not mean you should give up on the fertilization and weed control services provided by our experts in lawn care in Clarkson Valley MO, you will have it easier when you decide to pull out weeds and tend to your garden;
  3. As we said above, mulch acts as a blanket or as an umbrella. It means that it protects the seedlings and roots from the sun’s heat during summer, providing shade and moisture. In winter, it protects the seeds and roots from cold temperatures, frost, and soil water evaporation.
  4. For this reason, it is crucial to mulch the lawn and landscape in spring and fall;
  5. As a result of what we mentioned above, you will have to deal with less plant stress (and diseases) because mulch plays its role as a thermal insulator;
  6. Mulch improves the conditions and status of the soil. It works excellent for sandy soils, as it keeps things together, while it slowly breaks down into clay soils, making them open up. As it decomposes, organic mulch improves soil structure and drainage;
  7. Both organic and inorganic mulches also play a decorative role that is hard to neglect. Inorganic materials, for instance, provide you with a clear and stable surface to walk on without making a mess or endangering the young developing seedlings. Organic mulch (especially the woody type) makes your lawn, garden, and tree lines look neat, clean, and beautifully designed.

You should learn more about mulch and its benefits, so feel free to contact our team of specialists in lawn care in Clarkson Valley MO! Our lawn care company is more than willing to give you a hand all year long with all the projects you wish to complete on your property!