Experts in Lawn Care in Kirkwood MO share Caring Tips for Reseeded Yards

Spring is indeed the season to be jolly about your lawn and garden. If you had plans during the winter, now it is time to turn them into reality. March is not a very active month, on the other hand. It comes with its preparation and maintenance tasks, as we saw on other occasions, while it allows you to lay the foundation of what is about to become your lush landscape in a few months. This foundation, nevertheless, needs your full attention. Today, our experts in lawn care in Kirkwood MO will offer you their tips on how to care for reseeded lawns.

1. Successful Reseeding Depends on Proper Aeration

Reseeding on compacted and cluttered soil leads to poor results altogether, limiting the seedlings intake of water, air, warmth, light, and nutrients. Aeration is critical to the thriving of your lawn all year long. Before you consider reseeding the bare/brown or exposed areas on your property, consider soil core aeration first. If you do not know how to do it, ask our experts in lawn care in Kirkwood MO to offer you their advice and help with this task.

Once the soil breathes and drains appropriately, you can proceed with the reseeding.

2. Lawn Protection Tips after Reseeding

Many people wonder what to do and what to avoid after they correctly reseeded their lawns. According to our experts in lawn care in Kirkwood MO, here are some issues to consider:

  • Do not cross over the garden after you reseeded it; limit your traffic and children’s or pet’s play for a few weeks, until the seedlings turn into strong grass blades able to resist mowing.
  • Do not use weed killers, herbicides or insecticides on a freshly reseeded lawn. While weeds tend to attack such areas, you have to refrain from treating the yard with weed killers or other strong chemicals as they will damage (and destroy even) the seedlings as well in the process. If you want to learn about other means of keeping weeds at bay until the turf grows strong, ask our experts in lawn care in Kirkwood MO for their advice and help.

3. Lawn Watering and Mowing

When it comes to correct mowing and irrigation of a reseeded lawn, things tend to become complicated. In their enthusiasm, some homeowners mow the freshly seeded lawns too soon. Others, precautious, delay mowing for too much a period. To tackle this issue first, our experts in lawn care in Kirkwood MO suggest you mow the lawn only when the new grasses have reached their recommended mowing heights.

Watering is yet another problem. While it depends on the weather and other environmental conditions, the irrigation of newly reseeded lawns should take the following shape: daily watering on a twice a day frequency. It seems a bit too much, but as any professional lawn care service and they will tell you the same thing: water the yard in this way until the grasses grow resilient enough and tall enough (recommended mowing height, usually).

Experts in Lawn Care in Kirkwood MO at your Service!

Instead of worrying about all these tasks and provisions, why don’t you ask our experts of lawn care in Kirkwood MO to include your property in a larger, more complex lawn maintenance yearly plan? You will enjoy every second of it!