How to Turn the Christmas tree into the Best Lawn Care in Ellisville MO solutions

Responsible homeowners who had a natural Christmas tree this year know they should give something back to the environment. More and more Christmas tree collection centers appeared around recycle centers, and local authorities do their best to pick up the trees in January and to repurpose them. If you are among the ones who want to do things on their own, here are some great tips on how to recycle and reuse your Christmas tree to become the best lawn care in Ellisville MO – according to our specialists, of course!

1. Turn the Christmas Tree into Mulch

When you need to maintain your lawn, landscape, and garden in winter, one of the best ways to achieve such goals is to use winter mulch. Professionals in lawn care in Ellisville MO say that you should apply a layer of mulch only after the ground froze. If that is the case in January, your Christmas tree could not have been a timelier solution! Here are three methods to offer your lawn and garden safety and health with the help of your Christmas tree:

  • Cut off the branches, big and small, and use them as “blankets” to cover the seedlings, bulbs, roots, and young plants needing protection against wind, mold, frost, wildlife, and even pests. If you have only the trunk to deal with, use it as a stake to secure a leggy plant or a newly planted tree.
  • Remove the needles from the branches and use them separately as a layer of mulch in flower beds and at the base of evergreen perennials. The trunk and the branches can turn into plant stakes as well for extra protection against winds and heavy snow.
  • Turn the tree into wood chips (after you removed the needles) to make more mulch for your lawn and garden.

2. Turn the Christmas Tree into Compost

We talked about winter compost on a previous occasion. Now it is the best time to have a chat with our specialists in lawn care in Ellisville MO to decide about your composting methods. The pile or bin may not require your Christmas tree yet – case in which you should safely deposit it until the time comes. If your compost pile does need a boost, chop off the Christmas tree and turn it into nourishment for your spring lawn and landscape.

If you chop the tree in wood chips, you should know they also go great into your compost heat or bin.

3. Get Ideas from your Local Experts in Lawn Care in Ellisville MO

If you don’t know where to start, ask your local team of experts in lawn care in Ellisville MO for their advice and help. They can guide you towards the nearest tree collection center or teach you more about turning the Christmas tree into a yard and garden aid.

You can also use the tree as a fish sanctuary (if you drop the tree in the pond on your property) or as bird and wildlife sanctuary (in your effort to protect and sustain the micro-ecosystem thriving on your property). Our lawn mowing company colleagues will be more than happy to offer you information and sustainable solutions.