Specialists in Lawn Care in Wildwood MO Share Their Tips on Winter Landscaping

After the holidays, few homeowners know what to do to prepare their lawns and landscapes for the upcoming spring. After all, without mowing, weeding, and gardening, what can one do, especially if the land sleeps under a vast blanket of snow and ice? Our specialists in lawn care in Wildwood MO are here to solve such puzzles and offer you their tips and advices.

1. Spring Preparations – Supplies

Seasoned homeowners know that January is the National Mail Order Gardening Month. In other words, they are all over leaflets and almanacs, specialty stores’ offers and catalogs, and, of course, the Internet. January is the best month to put together a supply and tool list and see what you need to buy or restock for the upcoming spring.

2. Outdoor Fun – Lawn and Landscape Cleaning

Whenever you get a dry and warm day, breathe some fresh air while you take the rake out to clean your garden and yard. Vegetal debris, dry and dead leaves, and diseased plants entertain mold, pests, weeds, and fungi. Keep your landscape clean and safe!

2. Lawn Protection – Watch Your Steps

Our specialists in lawn care in Wildwood MO recommend you step and walk carefully on your frozen lawn. If you stomp all over the place, you risk crashing the frozen grass blades. As a result, you risk getting a spring lawn full of brown and bare patches of turf.

  • Regarding lawn protection, we also have to mention salt. While we know it is the first thing that comes to mind when we consider de-icing, you should ignore salt completely. Our lawn service company in Wildwood MO recommends you use a bit of sand and other organic and safe alternatives, as salt can damage anything from the soil’s chemical composition to your concrete outdoor structures.

3. Soil Safety – Aeration, Testing, and Amending

Many believe the soil fares the best during winter. Snow acts as irrigator and insulator, and underneath the white blanket, the soil and the roots have a great time.

However, our experts in lawn care in Wildwood MO warn you may have some troubles if you neglect the soil. Here are their recommendations for this time of year:

  • Test the soil for potential nutrient lacks and deficits – if it is the case, apply some soil amendments, such as homemade compost and other fertilizers;
  • Aerate the land if it presents patches of mud, clay, and mold – it means the ground is too compact to allow proper drainage. Since aerating frozen soil is not an easy feat, you can ask our lawn service company Wildwood MO for help and advice.

4. Vegetation Safety – Mind Your Trees and Shrubs

Winter winds, low temperatures, and frost can take a heavy toll on your trees, shrubs, and hedges.

  • Cover the vegetation with burlap for more winter protection; if you do not know how to complete this task, our specialists in lawn care Wildwood MO can give you some ideas on the matter.
  • Stake and secure the newly planted trees against the wind;
  • Check the stakes, wires, and all the other winterization solutions you already applied to make sure everything is safe;
  • Add extra layers of mulch to your perennial evergreens.

5. Ask for Help – The Best in Lawn Care in Wildwood MO

Our professionals in lawn care in Wildwood MO are here to offer you their expertise, so feel free to ask for their help with your lawn and landscaping winter maintenance activities!