The Pros and Cons of Fall Tree Planting and Landscaping in Chesterfield MO

Fall is many peoples’ favorite time of year. Although the lawn care and gardening season are ending, fall brings many great benefits for planting shrubs and trees. While most homeowners consider the spring season the primary season for adding new plants to their landscapes, planting trees has many advantages. Today, our experts in landscaping in Chesterfield, MO, are here to talk about the pros and cons of adding new trees and shrubs to your yard this season.

The Pros of Planting Trees in the Fall

According to our landscaping company in Chesterfield, MO, the trees planted this time of the year will use their energy to grow roots instead of foliage. Therefore, you should not add fruit trees to your orchard in the fall but discuss with your landscape architects about other types of hardier trees that will fare well during the cold months. Here are other advantages of fall tree planting:

  • Fewer water requirements. In the fall, trees can get a lot of water without you having to use your irrigation system. In fall, the moisture doesn’t dry off quickly, helping the trees. Trees need you to water them until the ground starts freezing. If you deal with an unusually dry fall, you will have to water them.
  • Less stressed trees. Fall is a less stressful season for trees, as they will “focus” solely on growing roots instead of roots, foliage, height, etc.
  • The soil is already warm. In spring, we all wait for the ground to warm, but fall soil is already warm after a long summer. It thus becomes easier for you and the trees/shrubs. In addition, warm soil allows trees to effectively establish roots and absorb nutrients before going dormant in winter.

The Cons of Tree Fall Planting

While many experts believe it to be superior to spring planting, fall planting is risky enough. The weather changes rapidly and randomly, early frosts cause a lot of damage, and pest issues need consideration. So let’s see some cons of fall planting to have a balanced view of the situation.

  • Winter can damage the trees before they manage to establish roots. So if you don’t plant your trees early enough, the frost could damage them heavily.
  • Pest problems. Our landscaping company in Chesterfield, MO, includes rats, mice, voles, and other critters. If wildlife is an issue on your property, guarding the newly planted trees is the smartest choice.

If you need help with choosing and planting the trees, talk to your experts in landscaping in Chesterfield, MO, to make sure you do things right!