Spring Lawn Care: Ellisville MO Experts Share Best Mowing Practices

Few people are aware that the first mow of the year should be done strategically for the lawn to be able to get back in top shape just in time for the summer. From sharpening up your power tools to the ‘one-third rule,’ everything should be done by the book for the best results. Fortunately, our experts in lawn care in Ellisville MO have agreed to share with us some of their best mowing practices.

Spring Mowing: Our Lawn Care Ellisville MO Experts’ Top Tips

The best time to give your lawn a fresh shave is in late March or the first two weeks of April. But since the freezing/thawing cycle is still in high gear, you’ll need to pay extra attention when trimming your lawn. From March to late May, expect cold mornings and even overnight frost. That’s why it is important not to go to aggressively on your lawn.

What’s more, with most species of turf grasses, start mowing when the grass blades are at least 2 inches tall. If frost is still an issue in your area, don’t shave the grass too short as you boost its risk of death by freezing.

Another tip our experts in lawn care in Ellisville MO like to regularly remind their clients is keeping their mower’s blades razor sharp. A dull blade will never be able to offer a clean cut, leaving behind plenty of torn and jagged grass blades, which can up the risk of disease and pest infestation.

Also, if frost is no longer an issue, stick to the ‘one-third rule’ of lawn mowing when first giving your lawn a haircut after the winter slumber. This means cutting just one-third of the grass blades’ length during the first few trims. Over the following weeks, you can gradually reduce that length to the desired goal. Cutting the turf too short in one go is unhealthy as the lawn will lose plenty of the energy needed to fight disease and tough weeds later on. The one-third rule applies even to very unkept lawns, our experts warn.

And last but not least, be careful with watering immediately after mowing. Watering the yard this way is an extremely unhealthy mowing practice. You can pick any day of the week afterwards to do it and water your lawn whenever you feel like it needs some water.

However, don’t water your lawn when the sun is up and burning. The water will not have enough time to enter the soil and benefit the plants as it will evaporate almost instantly. What’s more, on really hot days, water droplets can act as miniature magnifying glasses and scorch and kill your plants.

Watering at night or late in the evening is not a great idea either as there is not enough sun light for the lawn to dry out, which can encourage the growth of fungi. According to our lawn care Ellisville MO experts, the best time to water your lawn, be it in late spring or summer, is early in the morning.

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