Our Experts in Lawn Care in Wildwood MO Share May Maintenance Tips

We have consulted with our experts in lawn care in Wildwood MO in a bid to find the best tips on lawn maintenance in May and here is what we’ve found: May is the best time of the year for a final pruning, extra fertilization, and first mowing. In other words, this month, you are given the opportunity to add the finishing touches to your lawn before summer takes over.

Tips on Proper Lawn Care Wildwood MO Lawn Owners Should Know

The best time to prune most plants is in early spring after the first flowering, but don’t steer clear of pruning after that point on. There’s no harm in giving your lawn shrubs and trees a final haircut to completely get rid of winter damage. If the plants seem to be irreversibly damaged, you should try to replace them.

Once turf grass has regained its vibrant green color, you should start fertilizing the soil on a regular basis, and May is no exception. Bear in mind that some plant species, especially the warm-season one, enjoy plenty of nitrogen on their plates. So, ensure that you give them the proper nutrition with a quality nitrogen-rich lawn fertilizer.

On the other hand, some greens, such as centipede grass, like to keep nitrogen to a minimum when it comes to their spring diet. Also, ensure that you follow the instructions on the fertilizer’s package to a tee to prevent a common nuisance affecting many lawns and gardens – fertilizer burn. In addition, when choosing a fertilizer take into account your lawn’s soil’s profile. A soil test is highly recommended by this time of the year.

Our experts in lawn care in Wildwood MO recommend applying fertilizer to your lawn at least twice a year: in early spring, when the turf needs a nutrient boost after the winter slumber, and late spring (in May and early June) when grass continues to grow and needs nutrients to maintain its momentum.

Also, May is a great time to finish planting impatiens, marigolds, petunias, and other annuals. It is also the best time to hunt down persistent weeds that might later try to take over. In May, weeds are relatively small and post-emergent herbicides are the most effective now.

What’s more, our experts recommend starting to mow your lawn but no earlier than when turf is 2 inches tall. Also, make sure that you don’t trim the grass too short as you boost its risk of disease and pest issues. If you’re unsure about the amount of mowing and fertilization that should be applied on to your lawn based on its very specific needs, our team is here to help.

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