7 Mowing Tips from Our Local Lawn Care Eureka MO Experts

Mowing like a pro has never been easier with these 7 mowing tips that our experts in lawn care in Eureka MO have agreed to share for our blog. Get those mower blades sharp and the turf ready just in time for the summer growing season.

7 Expert Tips for Mowing Your Lawn Like a Pro

  1. Give your yard a clean cut: Don’t start yard work with dull mower blades unless you eye a subpar mowing work. Shredded grass blades will brown quickly and give your lawn a grayish look. Also, grass that hasn’t been trimmed with a sharp blade has a higher risk of dehydration and disease.
  2. Don’t mow while the grass is still wet. Wet grass might clump, stick to the mower, and even clog it. Also, don’t expect a tidy and perfect cut from wet grass even if you followed our tip no. 1 to a tee.
  3. Mow in late afternoon or early evening. Those are the best times to mow your yard. Early in the morning the grass might be still wet because of the dew. For the same reason, you shouldn’t give your lawn a haircut late in the evening or at night. At noon, mowing is highly unadvisable as well as it is too hot and you may boost the grass risk of dehydration.
  4. Follow the one-third rule. Don’t cut the turf too short as you will weaken the roots and lower the plants ability to feed themselves through photosynthesis. The ideal mowing height is no less than one third of the plants’ length. Depending on the grass species, that height might slightly vary, but the one-third guideline should apply to most lawns.
  5. Don’t bag the clippings! After mowing, don’t try to disperse or get rid of the grass clippings. They play a protective role for the turf as they provide shade and prevent excess evaporation. Also, as they decompose, they provide useful nutrients to the soil in the most natural way. In some areas of the state, bagging clippings has been outlawed.
  6. In shaded areas, cut the turf higher. Under trees or beside shrubs, grass roots have to compete with other plants root systems to get the water and nutrients they need to survive. So, the growth of the grass there is often stunted by the said circumstances. Mowing the grass in those areas too short might even kill it off.
  7. Don’t Get Stuck into a Mowing Pattern. Change the direction and pattern of mowing, every week or two to avoid soil compaction and other issues. Turf grass tends to lean toward the direction you mow. So, changing direction will help it regain a more upright position.

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