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How to Perform Lawn Treatments in Ballwin MO for Successful Pre-Emergent Control?

Lawn treatments, fertilization, and weed control are crucial elements of any successful lawn and landscape maintenance program. Unfortunately, pre-emergent treatments in Ballwin, MO, are time-sensitive. Moreover, you need to have the knowledge and skills regarding the substances to use. You must use only chemicals that went through a rigorous certification and registration process with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Our experts in lawn treatments in Ballwin, MO, are here to share with you a few tips on pre-emergent weed control so you know what you should expect from such interventions.

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Spring Overseeding: Our Experts in Lawn Care St. Peters, MO, Share Their Tips

Spring overseeding is a tricky business, especially because you can entertain crabgrass and other weeds during the overseeding process. It is best to overseed in the fall, for obvious reasons, but the same spring activity has its logic and sense. After a long, hard winter, your lawn and landscape might have suffered a handful. Moreover, we all want lush, dense, and green lawns, so overseeding makes sense to cover bare spots and boost the looks and health of your lawn and landscape. Today, our lawn care experts in St. Peters, MO, are here to share some tips on spring overseeding that you might want to consider this season. Continue reading

Tree Care in Spring: Lawn Treatments Chesterfield MO Pros’ Tips

Keeping your trees, shrubs, and hedges healthy all year long is of supreme importance if you want your entire yard to thrive. One mistake is to take the woody vegetation for granted. Weeds, pests, diseases, and other spring challenges can take a severe toll on such vegetation. Trees don’t manage independently, so you should not neglect them, especially when spring is in sight. Our experts in lawn treatments in Chesterfield, MO, are here today to offer you some advice to maintain your trees’ healthy development.

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Top Trends in Lawn Care in St Charles MO You Should Consider This Year

We bet you are waiting for spring to work outside in your garden and watch the vegetation thrive in front of your eyes. You all know what you have to do as soon as the temperatures rise and nature starts coming back to life. Aeration, overseeding, raking, dethatching – they are all mandatory activities. Nevertheless, our experts in landscaping in St Charles, MO, are here to tell you more about lawn care trends you should consider for your yard this year!

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Top Rules to Follow for Weed Control and Lawn Treatments in Manchester MO

Just like we do not recommend using pesticides on your own to deter pests and insects, we do not recommend homeowners pour herbicides on their lawns to kill weeds. But, sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands for one reason or another. In case you cannot enjoy the benefits of having a professional team of lawn treatments in Manchester, OH, to perform urgent weed control, you might have to deal with things on your own. To minimize risks and ensure your lawn is healthy and thriving, our lawn care company in Manchester, OH, wishes to offer you some tips and rules to follow when implementing weed control.

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Did You Consider Replacing Your Turf? Lawn Care St. Peters MO Experts Explain Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is the practice of designing or changing lawns and properties to eliminate or reduce the need for watering. Since one of the main reasons homeowners use so much water and spend so much money on water is yard irrigation, xeriscaping comes as a natural, more sustainable alternative to lawn care and landscaping. Things go a bit smoother for new properties – all landscape designers have to do is develop “dry landscapes” with diminished watering needs. However, what do you do when you already have a lush lawn? Do you remove it to build a concrete yard? Of course not! Our experts in lawn care in St. Peters, MO, are here today to explain some things!

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Sod Webworm Control: Lawn Treatments Ballwin MO Experts Share their Tips

Sod webworms are insidious creatures, just like grubs, that can ruin a lawn unseen. They overwinter in the larval stage and pupate when temperatures rise in April-May, reaching maturity around June. You may see them in the summer in their adult stage – lawn moths. However, it would help if you did everything possible to stop them from going through their lifecycle before the feed on your entire lawn. Our lawn treatment experts in Ballwin, MO, are here to share some tips with you regarding these pests.

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Lawn Care St Charles MO Specialists Answer Your Questions about Tree Injections

You probably heard about tree injections many times before and, most likely, many of you have already injected the trees in fall. Nevertheless, beginner homeowners may not know a couple of things about this tree protection procedure. Moreover, some information might be confusing and contradictory for the unseasoned ones. For this reason, our experts in lawn care in St Charles, MO, are here today to discuss some things about tree injections to clarify the situation and give you a better idea of how things work.

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Which of These Lawn Treatments in Chesterfield MO Does Your Lawn Need?

Hard-working homeowners know that winter is a time to rest, relax, and rip the benefits of seasonal hard work on their lawns and landscapes. However, sometimes your property needs a few adjustments and interventions here and there. After all, the weather and other environmental factors can cause severe damage if you do not pay attention. Luckily, our experts in lawn treatments in Chesterfield, MO, are always ready to help you out and offer you the best lawn maintenance services throughout the season. Let’s see what lawn treatments your property might need this winter!

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3 Landscaping Manchester MO Winter Activities to Schedule Right Now!

Seasoned homeowners know that most lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping activities do not end when winter comes. On the contrary, the cold season comes with plenty of tasks and hard word. If you already scheduled a pro landscaping contractor’s services in Manchester, MO, you should not worry about anything. However, if you did not manage to have your local lawn care team on retainer this season, you should better hurry because they will probably be over their heads in work. Today, our experts in landscaping in Manchester, MO, are here to tell you what landscape maintenance tasks you need to consider!

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