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How to Turn the Christmas tree into the Best Lawn Care in Ellisville MO solutions

Responsible homeowners who had a natural Christmas tree this year know they should give something back to the environment. More and more Christmas tree collection centers appeared around recycle centers, and local authorities do their best to pick up the trees in January and to repurpose them. If you are among the ones who want to do things on their own, here are some great tips on how to recycle and reuse your Christmas tree to become the best lawn care in Ellisville MO – according to our specialists, of course!

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Our Team of Lawn Care Clarkson Valley MO Pros Share Their Tips on Winter Compost

Responsible homeowners know the importance of having organic fertilizers all year long. Compost is the best way to treat your lawn, landscape, and garden. Unfortunately, while in spring and summer you can enjoy the “cooking” of your compost with the help of solar heat, in winter things slow down to the point of stopping altogether. If you care about your winter compost, our team of experts in lawn care in Clarkson Valley MO are here to share with you their tips and advice on how to manage your heap to keep it active.

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How Should You Prune Your Shrubs in Winter? Tips from Our Experts in Lawn Care in Manchester MO

Despite popular belief, winter pruning of shrubs and trees is beneficial for the vegetation, you as a gardener, and your property. While most specialists come over and trim your plants in late spring, late summer and late fall, our experts in lawn care in Manchester MO are here today to explain a few things about how and why you should prune and trim your trees, hedges, and shrubs during the cold season.

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Next Year’s Industry Standards in Lawn Care Chesterfield MO Services

Every industry – the landscaping one included – waits for the next year’s trends and provisions coined by experts in the field. Today, we will focus on some challenging issues that the new generation of property owners pose to landscaping companies. If you are young, busy, dynamic, a no-nonsense type of person caring for your outdoor environment, here are some elements you should focus on before you choose your next year’s lawn care Chesterfield MO company!

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Building a Pet-Friendly Landscape next Year: Lawn Care Ballwin MO Experts’ Suggestions

The new generation of homeowners wants the best for their families. And since more than half of owners also have four-legged family members, offering them a peaceful backyard and landscape is the most logical thing. Our lawn care Ballwin MO experts are here today to provide you with some suggestions and ideas on how to prep your property next year if you want to make things safe, fun, and exciting for you and your fuzzy friend!

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Fertilizing Your Lawn Properly – Tips for Lawn Care in Wildwood MO

Start by aerating your lawn. If you don’t have one already, pick up a manual or powered lawn aerator from you nearest hardware store. Aeration does two things for your lawn.

For one, it opens up the ground to allow water and nutrients from fertilizer down to the roots. Over time, the dirt can compact from over use, restricting your lawn’s access to much needed nutrients.

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Lawn Care Eureka MO Tips for Edging Your Lawn on a Regular Basis

Our lawns are beautiful ground covers that make our homes and neighborhoods look great. They add the perfect touch needed to make a setting absolutely wonderful. A good looking lawn happens when people put in the time and effort to make it so. One of the most important lawn care Eureka MO processes that people seem to forget at times is edging.

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Keeping Weeds Under Control – A Cottleville MO Lawn Care Guide

When we say weed control we are really talking about management because unless you have a greenhouse that is completely void of contact with weeds, there are going to be weeds. They are extremely invasive and can destroy a garden or lawn faster than anything else. Here are some Cottleville MO Lawn Care tips to take care of your weed problems.

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Ballwin MO Lawn Care Experts Speak on the Importance of Curb Appeal

For people thinking of selling their homes, spring is a very important time to do a major cleaning out and sprucing up. This includes focusing on the yard and the landscape.

In today’s market, fewer homeowners are engaging in big remodeling jobs. A survey by a research company found that about two-thirds of homeowners said they were deferring their home improvement projects until the housing market improved. That leaves many looking for more inexpensive ways to give their home a makeover.

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