3 Landscaping Manchester MO Winter Activities to Schedule Right Now!

Seasoned homeowners know that most lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping activities do not end when winter comes. On the contrary, the cold season comes with plenty of tasks and hard word. If you already scheduled a pro landscaping contractor’s services in Manchester, MO, you should not worry about anything. However, if you did not manage to have your local lawn care team on retainer this season, you should better hurry because they will probably be over their heads in work. Today, our experts in landscaping in Manchester, MO, are here to tell you what landscape maintenance tasks you need to consider!

1. Winter Property Maintenance

Even if it does not snow heavily, you still have a lot of work to do for your lawn and landscape. You need an expert landscaping service in Manchester, MO, for the following tasks:

  • Removal of dead leaves, plants, and twigs to keep your property neat, clean, and safe from winter diseases, weeds, and pests;
  • Tree, shrub, and hedge trimming, especially when it comes to some perennials that do best in winter when it comes to cutting them down without risking entertaining blooming;
  • Adding mulch and refreshing the existing mulch layer for the protection and nourishment of your plants, flowerbeds, and ornamentals;
  • Regular checkups on your irrigation systems, sprinklers’ draining, irrigation winterization, and more;
  • Weed control if it is the case and amending the soil should the situation require such interventions.

2. Christmas Installation Removal and Storage

If you had your local landscaping service in Manchester, MO, install your Christmas lights on your property, you should ask the same team to come and safely remove (and even store) your landscape lights after the holidays.

3. Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Most landscaping companies perform gutter-cleaning services at the beginning of winter, but sometimes you need this service multiple times throughout the season. Gutter maintenance is mandatory during winter, and our landscaping company in Manchester, MO, will make sure to deliver this service safely and efficiently. Clogged gutters can give you a lot of trouble and cause structural damage to your home, so make sure you retain such services at least once a month during winter.

Bottom Line

Besides lawn maintenance, landscaping, and even regular checkups for weeds, diseases, or pests, our landscape company in Manchester, MO, can also provide you with reliable snow removal services and more. Ask our experts in landscaping in Manchester, MO, for their help with anything you need on your property, and you can enjoy winter in full peace of mind and safety!