Perfect Early Spring Lawn Care in Eureka MO

Lawn Masters knows what it takes to make sure a lawn stays beautiful and healthy throughout the year – and the secret is that we start early in Eureka MO. We implement the following methods for lawn care in early spring:

Soil Aeration and Composting

The point of this stage in lawn care for Eureka MO outdoor properties is to make sure your soil is healthy and nourishing. Core soil aeration creates holes within the soil, which enables water, air, nutrients, and fertilizing substances to reach the roots quicker. We also test the soil for pH levels, raise or lower alkalinity levels accordingly, and then lay on the compost, in the form of organic compounds.

Properly Timed Fertilization

It’s best to fertilize a lawn when turf growth is peaking, such as early spring in the warmer areas. This time of the year works particularly well for heat-resistant species of grass, such as Buffalo grass, Zoysia grass, Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass. If you’re seeing a cooler spring, then we’re going to postpone fertilization for a warmer period and repeat it at the onslaught of summer. In cooler areas, shade-loving grass, such as Ryegrass, Fescues and Kentucky Bluegrass will thrive before the weather gets really hot. They’re best fertilized then, in mid-spring, then once more in the autumn.

The Right Kind of Seeding and Watering

Commercially available seeds nowadays are coated with an extra layer, whose results are lusher, more healthful, and better adapted to droughts – which is why we always opt for treated seeds. They also use up less water. Too much water can be disastrous for your lawn. The main rule of thumb here is to only water when necessary, such as during periods of prolonged droughts, after the temperature during the day has reached 80, and once a week with sprinkler systems. Watering should be performed slowly, in installments of 1 to 1.5 inches. We allow grass to dry up, because excessive humidity encourages fungi and other diseases.

Weed Control

We always opt for pre-emergent herbicides for Lawn Care in Eureka MO, such as those based on corn gluten. They’re environmentally friendly, but they are still incompatible with over-seeding.

Mowing, Done Right

We follow up the first mowing, which happens after the turf has grown 3-4 inches tall, with mulching. Mulching is a natural process of fertilization, based on grass clippings. We also make sure to regularly mow lawns in spring.

Eureka MO Lawn Care Specifics

Lawns require special treatments, such as preparation for seeding, aeration, irrigation systems, topdressing, and well-timed fertilization. You can leave all of these up to us!