Keeping Weeds Under Control – A Cottleville MO Lawn Care Guide

When we say weed control we are really talking about management because unless you have a greenhouse that is completely void of contact with weeds, there are going to be weeds. They are extremely invasive and can destroy a garden or lawn faster than anything else. Here are some Cottleville MO Lawn Care tips to take care of your weed problems.

You need to have a more prevention-focused mindset when it comes to weeds, if you want to be able to control their population. This means that you are watching out for when they may start seeding, so you know what the perfect time to spray or pull is. If you can get them before they spread, then you can prevent a big problem.

Part of prevention is knowing your weeds as well. There are actually some weeds, that when pulled, can actually still come back if left in a compost pile or can regrow an entire plant if you leave just a small piece. You need to therefore, take an individualized approach to all of your weeds. Sometimes poison won’t get the job done on these stubborn weeds.

Mulch Helps Prevent Weeds Before They Take Root

Another prevention strategy is Mulch. Mulch that is thick and ready can be applied on your garden and it can be a great way to prevent weeds. Even though you may not see as many weeds it is important to pull any that you do see come up. Ultimately mulch takes a lot less time for gardeners and will free up your schedule faster than anything else.

Another Cottleville MO lawn care weed prevention technique is to use cloth or plastic below the mulch. This can keep any seedlings of weeds from sprouting.

Remember that after you have cleared up your garden, and have taken out the weeds, that you are now ready to apply the prevention techniques described above. These can help you get to a new level of sustainability with your garden and can eventually make things a lot less laborious.