Intensive Lawn Care Wildwood MO Homeowners Need for Damaged Lawns

While most homeowners dream of having a well-manicured lawn, sometimes there are situations which lead to a damaged lawn. You may have just bought the property and the previous owner left the yard in disarray. Or perhaps you were not able to invest time and effort toward lawn care due to your commitments at work and at home.

If you have a damaged or dead lawn, repair and renovation should be on top of your agenda. In either case, the first thing you need to do is determine what the factors that have led to this problem are. More often than not, the leading cause of damaged or dead lawns is the soil.

According to some experts in lawn care, Wildwood MO lawns may also be affected by the high presence of clay, compacted soil and poor soil drainage. This means that even if you are putting your best efforts into keeping your lawn in great shape, these efforts are negated. Other common causes of damaged or dead lawns include the weather, pests or even lawn care mistakes.

Once the root of the problem has been identified, there are three routes that you can take. First, you can overseed; second, you can keep the existing grass; or third, you can remove the existing lawn.

Overseeding is advisable if there are no problems found related to soil quality. Preparing for overseeding includes cutting slits on the lawn and dethatching.

On the other hand, if there are issues related to the soil, there are several strategies that can be done to remedy these. Core aerifying can remedy thatch and soil compaction. Aerifying does not require you to remove your existing lawn and start over again.

However, with problems like severe compaction, poor drainage and high presence of clay, you’re left with no choice but to remove your current lawn. In such cases, you will need to remove the existing grass and apply herbicides to eliminate perennial weeds. The soil should also be worked on while adding compost, peat or organic top soil to improve its quality.

With the intensive amount of work of rehabilitating a damaged or dead lawn, you can either work on it as a long term project or, if you pressed for time, you can enlist the aid of lawn care Wildwood MO specialists who can perform all the hard work for you. Furthermore, hiring a reputable lawn care company will allow you to avoid committing the same costly mistakes by using the latest techniques and giving you proper lawn maintenance advice.