Don’t Fall for These Mistakes: Landscape Maintenance Ballwin MO Experts’ Guide

Now that we already covered some mandatory activities you should implement on your lawn and soft landscape (the vegetal side of it), it is time to talk about hardscapes and overall property maintenance. Our landscape maintenance Ballwin MO experts noticed that people tended to forget about other important elements on their properties, being only concerned with the plants. However, every little element blends in with the others, all functioning together from both an aesthetic and utilitarian point of view. Today we will talk about the five most common landscape mistakes homeowners will make this time of year.

You Forget about the House and Outdoor Buildings

The house you live in and all the hardscapes and outdoor structures work in full unity with your vegetal landscape. However, many homeowners forget about the structural elements. Their houses and outdoor buildings start to look bad or suffer from damages while they are busy mowing the lawn, trimming the trees, and watering the plants. Early fall is the perfect time to paint the exterior of your house and your garden sheds or outdoor structures. This increases the looks of your entire property, boosts its curb appeal, and keeps it safe from weather phenomena, pests, or damages.

You Avoid Building New Things

Enhancing your landscape and adding new structures and hardscape elements need preparation, planning, design and hard work. This is why many people avoid adding beauty and functionality to their landscapes this time of year. However, early fall is a great season to spice things up and add an outdoor fire pit, build a retaining wall, expand the driveway, build a deck or a new patio, and so on. Talk to our landscape maintenance Ballwin MO specialists about revamping your existing walls, patios, or walks and even introducing new ones.

You Forget about Full Property Cleaning

We said cleaning was extremely important. However, raking the leaves from the lawn is only the first step towards achieving this goal. You need to make sure all your driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks, and so on are clean and clear of debris and dirt. A thick layer of fallen leaves may hide the fact that your walkways or driveway, terrace or patios need repairs. Moreover, if you allow fallen leaves and dirt to accumulate, they can become slippery for people and cars.

You Tend to Neglect Your Water Elements

You may have a pool, a pond, a water fountain, or other water features on your property. They are all also part of your landscape, and they still need maintenance. You may think that starting from now on, you do not need to care for them, but this is a faulty idea. You still need to maintain the pool and the other water features pristine.

You Avoid Installing New Systems and Fixtures

Many people tend to forget that they will need all the comfort and facilities possible during the cold season. If you managed to implement all soft landscape plans and projects as advised, it is time to consider installing new systems to make your life easier and more comfortable:

  • Fixing your landscape lighting or installing new landscape lighting elements for beauty, functionality, and safety.
  • Installing de-icing systems for your driveway, terrace, patio, house stairs, roof, and gutters – especially for safety.
  • Winterizing your sprinkler’s system
  • Cleaning and storing garden tools and equipment, construction materials, substances, and more.

Ask our landscape maintenance Ballwin MO pros to help you with these tasks and enjoy a gorgeous fall!