How Should You Prune Your Shrubs in Winter? Tips from Our Experts in Lawn Care in Manchester MO

Despite popular belief, winter pruning of shrubs and trees is beneficial for the vegetation, you as a gardener, and your property. While most specialists come over and trim your plants in late spring, late summer and late fall, our experts in lawn care in Manchester MO are here today to explain a few things about how and why you should prune and trim your trees, hedges, and shrubs during the cold season.

Why Do People Refrain from Winter Pruning?

Generally speaking, winter pruning is a bit dangerous if you do not know what trees/shrubs to prune and how to do it. Pruning the wrong woody vegetation in winter may lead to reducing the growth next spring if by mistake you remove the branches already in the process of developing buds.

However, according to our lawn care service Manchester MO providers, you can avoid accidental damages to your deciduous vegetation if you learn what types of trees and shrubs to trim and what other plants to leave alone until spring.

What Shrubs and Trees Should you Trim in Winter? Our Pros in Lawn Care in Manchester MO Answer

According to our masters in lawn care in Manchester MO, if you grow some of the following plants on your property, you can consider trimming and pruning them in mid or late winter:

  • Azaleas;
  • Oakes;
  • Hydrangeas;
  • Crape myrtle;
  • Smoke and butterfly bush.

The rule of thumb in winter pruning is never to cut the vegetation that blossoms in early spring.

The idea is to learn how to prune and trim such trees and shrubs to make sure you only remove the dead and diseased branches, allowing the vegetation to store and use energy for next spring’s growth efficiently. If you do not know how to prune some specific types of trees and branches, call our lawn care Manchester MO department to give you a hand.

Why Should You Prune Some Trees and Shrubs in Winter?

Pruning and trimming in winter come with a handful of advantages that are hard to ignore:

  • There is no tree and shrubs foliage to cover the branches anymore, so you have a clear view of the dead and dry branches you have to remove;
  • Since the pests and diseases lie dormant this time of year, you can safely cut the vegetation without worrying pathogens and insects will attack the freshly “wounded” trees;
  • You will do your vegetation a favor: removing dead and dry twigs and branches – that consume nutrients and energy – you will allow the woody plants to store and use their nutrients efficiently to stimulate plentiful growth in spring;
  • You will also do your property a favor – in case of storm, blizzards, and lousy weather, you will not worry about branches flying around and damaging the landscape or your house;
  • Removing vegetal debris that may entertain diseases and pests, you protect your entire property from their spread in the spring.

If you have more questions about the benefits of winter pruning and trimming or you need help with such tasks, feel confident that our local lawn care Manchester MO office will always be ready to offer you the best expertise and skills!