Building a Pet-Friendly Landscape next Year: Lawn Care Ballwin MO Experts’ Suggestions

The new generation of homeowners wants the best for their families. And since more than half of owners also have four-legged family members, offering them a peaceful backyard and landscape is the most logical thing. Our lawn care Ballwin MO experts are here today to provide you with some suggestions and ideas on how to prep your property next year if you want to make things safe, fun, and exciting for you and your fuzzy friend!

Offer Safe and Fun Places for Pets and Kids

Even if you can allocate a smaller portion of your lawn or backyard to your pet, you surely can do better than a paddock! Our lawn care Ballwin MO experts have the following suggestions for you:

  • Plant/replant a part of the property with resilient grasses that easily handle play, trampling and the occasional mark of territory from your dogs. The best greens for a newly-built petscape are perennial rye and clover – they do not require maintenance and can handle heavy traffic just fine.
  • Add dog-friendly and kid-friendly installations; if you cannot offer entire acres for running, chasing, fetching, and other fun games, at least provide the more energetic dogs a fun challenge. Kids and dogs love obstacles and the usual playground installations as long as they are safe;
  • Make sure you never treat the petscape grasses and plants with chemical fertilizers and pesticides – dogs exposed to such substances present a 70% risk of developing cancer;
  • Avoid planting toxic plants and flowers for animals (the ASPCA contains a full list of such garden plants able to harm pets) and replace them with flea repelling herbs (rosemary and lavender for instance) or with edible plants for dogs in case you have a chewer on your hands;
  • Avoid cocoa mulch – it can be deadly for dogs when ingested; instead, go for gravel, hardwood or woodchip mulches as they do not stick to the paws or fur of dogs;
  • Add water features and shade areas for dogs and kids to cool down and refresh; many builds covered patios, pergolas, kiosks, or tree clearings for your loved ones to rest and regain forces. If your four-legged buddy does not spend the night in the house, make sure it gets a safe and dependable house or paddock keeping him warm and safe from the elements all year round.

Ask for Professional Help from our Lawn Care Ballwin MO Experts

Our lawn care and lawn maintenance Ballwin MO specialists are always willing to give you a hand in preparing your yard for next year’s pet-friendly landscape. Since watering and mowing the playground are necessary tasks, we can offer you an efficient plan of keeping the grasses green and growing despite traffic. Also, we can provide our advice and solutions to create boundaries for the petscape – thick hedges, trees, and shrubs that offer protection and shade.

Give us a call and ask for a free estimate! From landscape design and build to regular landscape maintenance, our lawn care Ballwin MO experts offer efficiency, risk-free plans, and dedication to make your lawn a haven for adults, kids, and pets alike!