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Do You Need Lawn Treatments in Chesterfield, MO against Noxious Weeds?

Weeds come in many shapes and sizes, and we are sure you are now closely working with your experts in lawn treatments in Chesterfield, MO, to keep them at bay. But while our experts implement true-and-tested step-by-step programs against common lawn weeds, you need to know about noxious weeds as well. It is not likely you have them on your property, as all these years of prevention weed treatments, pre-emergent, and post-emergent control do their job well. However, the issue with noxious weeds is that you could carry them home unknowingly, so some information is good to have.

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What Do You Think about Rock and Stone Landscaping in Chesterfield, MO?

Rock-based landscaping is a very popular trend appealing to more and more homeowners. The idea started taking shape some years back, when rocks, gravel, pebbles, river rocks, etc., started to replace large and costly lawn areas. Xeriscaping is still all the rage, but rock and stone landscaping took a life of its own. Now, in homeowners’ yards, our experts in landscaping in Chesterfield, MO, install a wide range of rock designs and elements to boost their properties’ aesthetics and functionality. If you want to perform some upgrades and revamps on your property this year, let’s see what our landscape company has to say!

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Lawn Treatments Chesterfield MO Experts Offer Dandelion Killing Tips

Dandelions are the least ugly weeds you can see in a yard this season but are by far some of the most dangerous. Each plant can yield as many as ten thousand seeds, floating and spreading on the gentlest breezes. When it comes to dandelion control, things can get ugly very fast unless you are into xeriscaping. If you have to pull out ten dandelions this year, you might want to take care of hundreds next season. Luckily, our experts in lawn treatments in Chesterfield, MO, are here today to offer you some quick tips and answers to this issue. Let’s hear them out!

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Lawn Care Ballwin MO Experts’ Tips on Water-Clogged Lawns’ Treatments

Storms and heavy rains can create temporary puddles on your lawn. Most of the time, these boggy spots drain naturally in a few days of sunny, dry weather. But what about those lawns that entertain large water puddles and mudslides? Those yards present drainage issues that risk causing permanent damages to your lawn and landscape. Fixing a damaged lawn is not an easy feat, so it is better to tackle the issue in its early stages. According to our experts in lawn care, Ballwin, MO, if your lawn usually suffers from water clogging, here is what you should do!

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Sustainable Weed Control Tips from Our Lawn Treatments Manchester MO Experts

Even though early summer comes with colors, scent, and buzzing, it also brings many threats: pests, diseases, and the omnipresent weeds. You can’t stop birds and insects from dropping weed seeds on your lawn. You cannot also stop the wind from moving weed seeds all over the place. What you can do is keep weeds at bay and prevent their spreading on your newly overseeded lawn or your vegetable crops. There are plenty of smart, organic, and easy ways to fend off weeds, and this is what our lawn treatments experts in Manchester, MO, will talk about today.

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What to Do after Lawn Overseeding: Our Pros in Lawn Care in Chesterfield, MO Share their Tips

At the beginning of the season, you have your plate full of lawn care and landscape management activities. As we have discussed before, lawn overseeding is one of the most vital among the many preparations and tasks on your list. It helps restore your landscape to its shape and health, boosts its looks and value, and offers you never-ending moments of peace and relaxation. However, according to our experts in lawn care in Chesterfield, MO, many homeowners do not know what to do after an overseeding session. So let’s find out together how to treat your overseeded lawn for the best results!

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How to Perform Lawn Treatments in Ballwin MO for Successful Pre-Emergent Control?

Lawn treatments, fertilization, and weed control are crucial elements of any successful lawn and landscape maintenance program. Unfortunately, pre-emergent treatments in Ballwin, MO, are time-sensitive. Moreover, you need to have the knowledge and skills regarding the substances to use. You must use only chemicals that went through a rigorous certification and registration process with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Our experts in lawn treatments in Ballwin, MO, are here to share with you a few tips on pre-emergent weed control so you know what you should expect from such interventions.

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Spring Overseeding: Our Experts in Lawn Care St. Peters, MO, Share Their Tips

Spring overseeding is a tricky business, especially because you can entertain crabgrass and other weeds during the overseeding process. It is best to overseed in the fall, for obvious reasons, but the same spring activity has its logic and sense. After a long, hard winter, your lawn and landscape might have suffered a handful. Moreover, we all want lush, dense, and green lawns, so overseeding makes sense to cover bare spots and boost the looks and health of your lawn and landscape. Today, our lawn care experts in St. Peters, MO, are here to share some tips on spring overseeding that you might want to consider this season. Continue reading

Tree Care in Spring: Lawn Treatments Chesterfield MO Pros’ Tips

Keeping your trees, shrubs, and hedges healthy all year long is of supreme importance if you want your entire yard to thrive. One mistake is to take the woody vegetation for granted. Weeds, pests, diseases, and other spring challenges can take a severe toll on such vegetation. Trees don’t manage independently, so you should not neglect them, especially when spring is in sight. Our experts in lawn treatments in Chesterfield, MO, are here today to offer you some advice to maintain your trees’ healthy development.

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Top Trends in Lawn Care in St Charles MO You Should Consider This Year

We bet you are waiting for spring to work outside in your garden and watch the vegetation thrive in front of your eyes. You all know what you have to do as soon as the temperatures rise and nature starts coming back to life. Aeration, overseeding, raking, dethatching – they are all mandatory activities. Nevertheless, our experts in landscaping in St Charles, MO, are here to tell you more about lawn care trends you should consider for your yard this year!

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